TechnologyWhat happens if you receive a Bizum that does not correspond to you? This is what you should do to avoid legal problems

What happens if you receive a Bizum that does not correspond to you? This is what you should do to avoid legal problems

There are already 22 million users who use Bizum in Spain. Since the application was launched in 2016, it has exceeded 1.4 billion operations, according to the company itself.

The success of Bizum is evident: it is a service that allows you to send and receive money quickly, using your mobile phone and without paying commissions. This puts it ahead of other similar payment methods, such as immediate transfers.

Even some stores and commercial establishments are offering Bizum for customers to pay. This is the case of Stradivarius, Oysho and Massimo Dutti (Inditex), but more and more businesses will allow it.

However, the fact that millions of users use Bizum every day can also cause some problems. One of them is to send money to the wrong person.

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Surely more than once when making a transfer you have compulsively checked the recipient’s account number. Well, with Bizum the same thing happens. You must have the number to which you want to send the money saved in your address book or type it correctly on your screen.

These are the Bizum payments that you must include in the 2023 income statement

Of course, there can always be mistakes or errors that lead you to send the money to a person you don’t even know. And what happens if that person is you?, that is, What do you have to do if you receive a Bizum that does not correspond to you?

Next, it is explained how to reject a deposit in Bizum to avoid legal problems.

How to reject the deposit if you receive a Bizum that does not correspond to you

Receiving money that you do not expect can be a reason for joy. But in this case you must act responsibly: that person did not want to send you the Bizum, so you have to return it.

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The user who makes the payment cannot cancel it, so the responsibility remains in your hands. You have 7 days to cancel the payment from the application itself. In this way, the owner will receive his money back.

Touch to contact this person and return it. Today for you, tomorrow for me“, warns the application itself on its website.

The most common thing is that the user who made a mistake contacts you to get the amount back. If you ignore it, it will be the bank that writes or makes a call, although they cannot force you to cancel the Bizum.

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And this is where legal problems can come: keeping the money could be considered a crime of misappropriationalthough for this the affected user must resort to legal proceedings, which is a long and expensive procedure.

Misappropriation is punishable by prison terms from 6 months to 3 years, so think twice before keeping money that is not yours.

Finally, the application recommends carefully verifying that all the data is correct (and reviewing the verification screen) before sending the payment to another user, as well as saving the phone numbers of the people you are going to in your contacts. ever send money This way you will avoid these mistakes.


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