About us

Rival Times is an independent global news organization that strives to be the dominant source for news on politics, business, entertainment, sports and more across every continent where access to reliable information and nonpartisan journalism.

Also Rival Times is the source of REVIEWS for different products.

We operate from Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, New Delhi, London, Berlin, Paris, Toronto, Sydney, Abuja, Johannesburg, and Nairobi.

Our Staff Members

Richard Greene (Editor-in-Chief) – Washington DC

Andrew Foster (Managing Editor) – Texas

Jessica Alexander – New York

Wayne Morgan – London

Sheetal Kumar – New Delhi

Lin Chong – Beijing

Alessia Mitchell – Toronto

Sarah Schilling – Berlin

Ivan Bulgakov – Moscow

Clara François – Paris

Judith David – Tel Aviv

Natalie Springfield – Canberra

Ray Masuka – Johannesburg

Barbara Padilla – Manila

Ahlam Abdurahman – Islamabad

Anna Veerman – Amsterdam

Ohameze Kanayo – Abuja

Evelyn Mwangi – Nairobi

Mesfin Megersa – Addis Ababa

Fatima Hassan – Cairo