NewsLatin AmericaThis is how we have told you about the protest of the opposition in defense of the INE

This is how we have told you about the protest of the opposition in defense of the INE

The leaders of the PRI and the PAN arrive at the Zocalo of the capital

The president of the National Action Party (PAN), Marko Cortes, and the President of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro alito Moreno, have joined the demonstration this Sunday against the electoral reform known as “plan B”. The mobilization concentrates the protesters in the Zocalo of the capital, a place they did not access during their last march on November 13, when it culminated in the Monument to the Revolution.

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The organizers of the (United for Mexico 2024) protest expect it to spread to 82 cities “in Mexico and abroad.” “Mexicans and Mexicans are on the side of democracy, together we make ourselves heard so that the country’s democratic institutions are not destroyed,” the PRI leader has published on networks. For his part, Cortes has defended that Mexican democracy “is priceless.” “In the National Palace they are going to listen to us,” he added through a tweet. So far, the third leader of the Va por Mexico coalition, Jesus Zambrano ( Party of the Democratic Revolution & rpar ;, has not arrived at the demonstration, although last Saturday he sent a message of support for the protest. Reports Rodrigo Soriano

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