BusinessThe PP demands explanations for the appointment of Calvino's husband in Heritage: "Unfortunately it is common"

The PP demands explanations for the appointment of Calvino’s husband in Heritage: “Unfortunately it is common”


The PP Deputy Secretary of Economy, Juan Bravo, has summoned the Government on Tuesday to offer explanations for the appointment of Vice President Nadia Calvino’s husband as a senior position in National Heritage. In his opinion, making this type of “placement” is becoming “something common” in the cabinet of Pedro Sanchez.

This has been pronounced by Bravo, in statements to Europa Press, before the information from ‘El Mundo’ about the fact that Ana de la Cueva, former Secretary of State for the Economy and current president of National Heritage, has appointed Ignacio Manrique de Lara as senior position in National Patrimony with “senior management” salary.

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When asked if the PP is going to demand explanations from the Government in relation to this appointment, Bravo has indicated that it is not so much that the Popular Party asks for explanations but that it is the Government itself that offers them.

“The Government itself should give them because it is also not the first time that a direct relative of members of the Government has ended up being placed or carrying out their activity in public places under designations of this type,” he emphasized.

In this sense, Bravo has reproached the Executive for not acting with “the greatest transparency” and has stressed that in a “normal, democratic and lawful” State, the Government is the first to face this type of information “has to come out publicly and explain what they respond to.

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The person in charge of Economy of the PP has stressed that they have known “more cases” similar “within the Government, such as that of the husband of Vice President Teresa Ribera”, something that, in his opinion, shows that it is “something common”.

“We have had at some point in the Government a couple such as Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero. We have also known situations of placements of the wife of President Sanchez. Unfortunately it is becoming commonplace and what is also becoming commonplace is not give explanations”, Bravo has abounded.

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For this reason, the leader of the PP has insisted that “the time has come for them to really give explanations and tell what is the reality of what is behind this information” about the appointment of Nadia Calvino’s husband, who they have known thanks to “the media”.

Bravo has reiterated, in statements to Europa Press, that the PP should not ask for explanations but that it is the Government itself that should offer them ‘motu proprio’. “We have reached the reverse point”, he has complained, to demand “transparency” from the Executive.


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