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    Protests in Berlin against the Russian invasion of Ukraine

    Around 10,000 people protested on Friday in berlin against the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to German police.

    The demonstration ended in the famous Brandenburg gate which was illuminated with the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag.

    Protesters also stopped in front of a destroyed Russian tank which had previously been installed in front of the Russian embassy, ​​to light candles and display various flags as a sign of support.

    Belarusian protester Artjom Merts said he was attending the protest “to support Ukraine”.

    “Europe knows that Ukraine protects the world as a democracy because we oppose Russian aggression”he added.

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    Demonstrators in solidarity with Ukraine also carried flags of other European countries, such as Finland, Romania and the EU.

    Some of the protesters were totally against the arms handover, which has been a controversial issue especially in Germany, but others said they saw no other option but to support Ukraine both with arms and financially.

    Konstantine Senin, a protester originally from Russia expressed his dismay at Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

    “What I feel is that my country (has done) so much damage, (to) so many people. I’m almost crying.”said.

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    Source: Euronews Español


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