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    TechnologyLG presents its new solution Therma V Split Hidromodul R32 for heating and hot water in the home

    LG presents its new solution Therma V Split Hidromodul R32 for heating and hot water in the home

    Therma V Split Hidromodul R32 Solution – LG

    LG has presented in the Spanish market the new generation of your aerothermal equipment Therma V Split Hidromodul R32, which offers energy efficiency up to six times greater than that of a condensing boiler, and is integrated into the ThinQ ecosystem for remote management via mobile.

    The new solution from the South Korean company raises the maximum performance above 600 percent, producing more than 6kWh of heat for every 1kWh consumeda figure with which LG highlights that it is six 6 times more efficient than a normal condensing boiler.

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    Therma V Split Hidromodul R32 incorporates an hot water tank with a capacity of 200 litersmade of stainless steel that does not need cathodic protection, as the company has pointed out in a press release.

    This thermal solution provides the highest level of efficiency both in heating production (A+++/A++) and domestic hot water (A+/XL). On the other hand, since it is an SGReady device, it allows use of photovoltaic energy systems both to produce heating, cooling and ACS thanks to the integration with the LG ESS HOME system.

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    LG technology allows placing the outdoor unit with respect to the indoor unit up to 50 meters away and 30 meters of unevenness. Also, because of its divided nature, unity is not compromised by freezing.

    The new team is part of the ThinQ ecosystem, which means that with the mobile application you can manage your use and control the consumption of electrical energy that you make.


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