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    Iran says EU proposal to revive nuclear deal ‘could be acceptable’

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    The Iranian authorities have affirmed this Friday that the proposal presented by the European Union to reactivate the nuclear agreement, suspended after the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) approved a resolution that accused Tehran of not cooperating enough in relation to the nuclear program, “could be acceptable.

    An Iranian diplomat has stated on condition of anonymity that the Iranian government is “weighing” the European proposals to “ensure that its demands are met,” according to information from the IRNA news agency.

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    Thus, he has pointed out that the text, delivered earlier this week by the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, in his capacity as coordinator of the negotiations between the United States and Iran, may be acceptable if it resolves issues related to the measures taken by the IAEA in terms of sanctions and guarantees.

    In this sense, he has asserted that Iran must “analyze whether these proposals guarantee the fulfillment of Iranian demands in different areas, including politics” hours after the newspaper ‘The Wall Street Journal’ assured that the proposal is already in the hands Iranians.

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    Borrell, for his part, explained on Monday that during the last days of negotiations between the United States and Iran, “a handful of pending issues of the text” that he himself had put on the table on July 21 to restore the agreement have been addressed. nuclear 2015.

    After more than 15 months of contacts, the text ends a series of negotiations that now depend on US President Joe Biden and his Iranian counterpart, Ebrahim Raisi.

    The agreement is in force, although very damaged by the decision of the United States to withdraw unilaterally in 2018. Since then, Iran has been progressively withdrawing from its commitments, although it has been willing to resume them as long as Washington withdraws its sanctions.

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