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    GamingA next PS5 with a removable disk? - Games news vi ...

    A next PS5 with a removable disk? – Games news vi …

    According to statements made on Twitter by Paul Hendersonan update of the playstation5 with a removable disk drive would be under study and the current test kit would be already functional.

    Pending an official announcement which, again according to Paul Henderson, should be soon, we can refer to the revelations of our colleagues from Insider Gaming on which he relies.

    A new chassis for the PS5

    The PS5 should thus, according to their sources, undergo a redesign around September 2023. Chassis A, B and C produced since the launch of the console would then be abandoned in favor ofa D frame.

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    This will be almost identical to what we currently know, except that it will be equipped witha removable disk drive connected via an additional USB-C porton the back of the console.

    The latter should therefore be able to be sold either with or without disc. Thus, if this one lets you go, you can replace it without having to buy a PS5. Similarly, in the event of a console failure, you can keep your disk to connect it to its replacement.

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    We also learn that in order to do not alter the aesthetics of the PS5which should therefore not be impacted, the disk will discreetly attach itself to it. Without the latter, however, it should still be thinner and lighterin line with the current objectives of evolution that we know on the latest models.

    These are thus no less than 18.5 million D-frame units which should be produced in 2023versus 12 A-, B-, and C-frame, which will gradually disappear from the market. Compared to 21.7 million sales announced in June 2022we can therefore deduce that Sony is planning a demand acceleration to come following the return of the components.

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