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    TechnologyZTE Watch Live 2, a watch that has everything to conquer the average user with a traditional and comfortable design

    ZTE Watch Live 2, a watch that has everything to conquer the average user with a traditional and comfortable design

    ZTE Watch Live 2, a watch that has everything to conquer the average user with a traditional and comfortable design

    ZTEthe Chinese technology solutions company, launched the first Watch Live model in 2020, a smartwatch that sought to offer everything possible at a very reasonable price.

    In this case, ZTE repeats the experience with the Watch Live 2a device that improves compared to the previous generation and that, undoubtedly, can convince the majority of users.

    Thus, the company shows that it is not only very strong in mobile phones, such as its flagship Axon 40 Ultra, or its brand specialized in video games, with the Redmagic 8 Pro.

    Even during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, it has revealed its augmented reality glasses, as well as its first 3D tablet for consuming content.

    If you are looking for an elegant and refined design, good battery life and an attractive price, the ZTE Blade V40 Design is an option to take into account.

    Indeed, I have been able to test the ZTE Watch Live 2 during MWC 2023, in which the entire editorial team has taken more than enough steps. This is all that this smart watch can offer you…

    The design of the ZTE Watch Live 2 will remind you of the Casio of a lifetime: comfortable, simple and for all situations.

    ZTE Watch Live 2.

    The design of the ZTE Watch Live 2 has enchanted me in every way. It has reminded me of the analog Casio of a lifetime, a watch that serves For the day to day and that they are carried with total comfort.

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    Your measurements of 45 x 38 x 9.8 mm they make it not a very big watch. Thus, the ZTE Watch Live 2 remains halfway between the larger models and smart bracelets, with a very light weight of 33 grams.

    As for the straps, are the standard 22-millimeter model, although they can be exchanged for whatever you prefer. I think these are more than enough for the purpose of the watch.

    In addition, the material of the straps is perfect so you don’t worry when it gets wet. In this sense, it also incorporates IP68 resistance to water and dust.

    Now, with completely normal use, your screen has accumulated some barely noticeable scratches, but which can be seen at times.

    You will be able to see its screen in any situation, although it is curved, and that can make tactile response difficult on some occasions.

    ZTE Watch Live 2.ZTE Watch Live 2.

    In the screen section, it has a 1.69-inch IPS TFT HD panel with a resolution of 240 x 280 pixels. Has the curved edgeswith a fairly long drop and adds a 2.5D glass protector.

    In general, its brightness percentages are more than enough to be able to see your screen comfortably outdoors with enough light. At minimum brightness, you also get a viewing that does not disturb at night.

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    Now, on certain occasions I have had to slide 2 or 3 times to access the menu or the different widgets, something that causes its curve. In addition, after a few weeks of use, 2 almost imperceptible lines have appeared on the screen.

    It has 90 sports modes to which it joins the traditional measurement and health tools of smart watches.

    ZTE Watch Live 2.ZTE Watch Live 2.

    In addition to being a perfect device for any type of user, even the least experienced in these devices, it also includes up to 90 sports modeswhich is also ideal for those looking for that extra physical activity.

    To this is added the measurement of traditional values ​​of smart watches, such as step count, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, stress, sleep monitor and menstrual cycle supervision.

    The ZTE Watch Live 2 reaches the week without any problem, with which you will not have to charge it continuously.

    ZTE Watch Live 2.ZTE Watch Live 2.

    One of the best parts of the ZTE Watch Live 2 is that you will never worry about charging it. His 230 mAh battery lasts a whole week with a high use of brightness and interacting with the alarm and the different measurement tools.

    If you use it only as a watch during the day to day or to receive notifications, the battery life increases. However, in no case will it leave you stranded.

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    To this is added a charger that in just one hour allows to have the clock at 100%.

    Z Sports seamlessly complements the ZTE Watch Live 2 to offer personalized weekly reports and more details.

    Z Sports.Z Sports.

    The ZTE Watch Live 2 arrives with bluetooth 5.1 and connects very easily to any mobile. Your application, Z Sportsis available on both iOS and Android, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to use and how simple its interface is.

    Within the application, you can choose between more than 100 different spheres, something that is reduced to 4 if you do it directly from the clock. In addition, you will be able to include your own images, access personalized weekly reports, view detailed information and take photos with your mobile while controlling the watch.

    The ZTE Watch Live 2 is a watch that interests you if you want something discreet, useful and at a very competitive price.

    ZTE Watch Live 2.ZTE Watch Live 2.

    After testing the ZTE Watch Live 2 for several weeks, I am more than clear that it is a watch that I would have for daily use, since it is perfect due to the type of strap it comes with, the ease of use it offers and its size. , very discreet.

    In addition to these benefits, it also comes with a very suitable price for any type of consumer, from €39.9.


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