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Zelensky thanks Poland for its support against Russia and hopes to further strengthen ties in times of peace

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky shakes hands with Polish Defense Minister and Deputy Minister Mariusz Blaszczak. – PRESIDENCY OF UKRAINE

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, received on Tuesday the Deputy Minister and Minister of Defense of Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak, whom he thanked for his support during the war against Russia, a relationship that he now hopes will be strengthened in times of peace.

“The Polish Ministry of Defense supports the Ukrainian Army (…). This is confirmation that we are together in the current difficult situation, in this tragedy that is happening now in Ukraine due to Russian aggression,” Zelensky said. after meeting with Blaszczak and the rest of the Polish delegation.

In this sense, Zelensky believes that this support in times of war will translate in the future into even closer ties between the two countries, especially in terms of defense and cooperation.

“On behalf of the Ukrainian people and myself, I thank Poland for supporting the citizens of Ukraine who find refuge in Polish territory while fleeing the large-scale war started by Russia,” President Zelensky acknowledged.

For his part, Blaszczak has highlighted Zelenski’s “position” of leadership and the “firmness” of the Ukrainian people in defending the “freedom and independence” of their country.

“The freedom and independence of Ukraine is the freedom and independence of Poland. Thank you for protecting us,” Blaszczak emphasized.

Source: Europa Press



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