NewsWorldZelensky calls on China to do everything possible to make Russia leave

Zelensky calls on China to do everything possible to make Russia leave

Ukrainian President, Volodimir Zelensky has been open to talks with China about a possible solution to the war.

Zelensky, however, stands firm in his demand that Russia withdraws from the sovereign territory of Ukraine.

“I intend to meet with Xi JinpingI think it will benefit our countries and security in the world”stood out to the media.

“As far as I know, China has historically respected territorial integrity, so it should do everything possible for the Russian Federation to leave our territory, since the weight of sovereignty and territorial integrity resides on it” added the President of Ukraine.

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China, for its part, noted in its statement at the United Nations that “The larger countries have a special and very important responsibility to maintain communication and coordination and to do everything possible to avoid a nuclear crisis.”

The Ukrainian leader also said that he hopes that China does not send weapons to Russiaas, according to the United States, Beijing would be considering, and affirmed that it is working to prevent it.

Zelenski, who did not give details about the place or the moment in which this hypothetical meeting would take place, focused his appearance on claiming the “formula for peace” who has presented Ukrainewhich foresees a cessation of hostilities through the Russian withdrawal and emphasizes compliance with the principles of the Charter of the UN.

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The Ukrainian president explained his new priority of approaching countries like China or India, which yesterday abstained from voting at the UN on a resolution condemning the war presented by Ukraine, so that they exert their influence to achieve the withdrawal of the forces Russians from their territory.

Zelensky said today that he will work to get countries in Africa and Latin America that have so far avoided openly supporting Ukraine to join these efforts.

Source: Euronews Español


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