NewsWorldZelensky asks for planes and more tanks from Germany and France in Paris

Zelensky asks for planes and more tanks from Germany and France in Paris

The Ukrainian president asked fighter jets their European allies. In a meeting in Paris, he has urged the French president and the German chancellor to send “long-range heavy weapons”. While Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Schölz reaffirmed their support for Ukraine.

In a joint press conference, Zelensky said France and Germany have the potential to be a game changer in the battle against Russia:

“It’s all a no-brainer, the sooner Ukraine gets powerful and long-range weapons, Emmanuel, the sooner our pilots get modern planes, Olaf, the stronger our tank coalition will be. I thank you for starting this path because the faster this aggression will end In addition, we will return a certain peace to Europe”.

Earlier, during his visit to London, he asked in Westminster Hall the supply of combat aircraft.

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The United Kingdom is reticent, considering that it is about “a long-term solution”since it will take years to train the pilots.

As part of his European tour, Zelenski travels this Thursday to Brussels to meet with the leaders of the EU, to whom he will reiterate his request.

Macron recalled that the last visit of Zelensky He went to the Elysee in December 2019 for a summit of the so-called “Normandy format” (France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine) to try to “avoid the worst”. The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, was also at that meeting.

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For his part, Scholz considered “a strong sign” that Zelensky will attend a meeting of heads of state and government of the European Union tomorrow in Brussels, since “Ukraine is part of the European family.”

“Russia must not win this war,” Scholz said in line with Macron.

Before this trip through various European capitals, Zelensky he had only visited two foreign countries since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the United States and Poland.

In the chapter of heavy weaponryGermany, the Netherlands and Denmark announced today that they will jointly deliver a total of more than 100 Leopard 1 A5 heavy main battle tanks to Ukraine, to be completed by 2024.

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As other European countries prepare shipments of Leopard 1 or 2, and the UK finalizes shipment of Challenger tanks, kyiv has upped its ante in recent days by ordering modern fighter-bombers from the West, as its air force is made up of models of ex-Soviet technology. and it has suffered severe wear and tear during this year of war.

Source: Euronews Español


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