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    TechnologyXiaomi will present its flagship Xiaomi 13 and the MIUI 14 customization layer on December 1

    Xiaomi will present its flagship Xiaomi 13 and the MIUI 14 customization layer on December 1

    Presentation of Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro on December 1, 2022. -XIAOMI

    Xiaomi has set a date for presentation to its new model of ‘smartphones’ Xiaomi 13 and its version 13 Prowhich will come out next Thursday December 1, date on which the latest version of its customization layer, MIUI 14.

    The Chinese mobile phone company will present this new installment of two members of its high range in an event that will start at 19 hours on Thursday (12:00 noon in peninsular Spanish time), where they will show all the news of these new modelsas the brand has announced through its official profile on the Weibo social network.

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    Thus, the company will present the leading terminals of its 2023 catalog of which, for now, it can be seen that in your design will use rounded edges with a narrow bevel, with 1.61mm. One of the models will have a screen with curved edges and the other, more flat.

    In addition, they will have faux leather details with SKIN nano-tech, as shown in an image that the company has also shared, which will give a sensation of leather to the touch, and will offer anti-wear, anti-fade and anti-fouling enhancements.

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    Xiaomi has also revealed that they will include a OLED display high-end custom, which picks up features from its predecessor, the Xiaomi 12, such as the very thin unlock and volume buttons on the right side, and the absence of a visible fingerprint reader. On the other hand, the company has specified that this series of Xiaomi 13 incorporates IP68 protection against dust and water.

    The product images shared by the Asian company include the logo of the camera maker Leica, which indicates that the devices will continue to have the experience of this brand of professional quality.

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    On the other hand, the presentation will not only host the two ‘smartphones’ but also the latest version of its Android customization layer, MIUI 14.


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