Gaming Xbox: Phil Spencer still believes in physical games, he explains why

Xbox: Phil Spencer still believes in physical games, he explains why

Xbox: Phil Spencer still believes in physical games, he explains why

The old-timers have finally admitted it: the share of dematerialized in the video game industry continues to grow. Just take a look at the financial results published regularly by the various players to understand that there is a real appetite among players for digital. Moreover, it is no coincidence that Microsoft and Sony Interactive Entertainment have respectively marketed the Xbox Series S and the PS5 Digital Edition, two models exclusively digital.

In an interview with our colleagues from The Verge, Phil Spencer had the opportunity to speak on the subject, Microsoft benefiting from a weapon of mass destruction with the Xbox Game Pass. And contrary to what some might believe, the American manufacturer absolutely does not want to kill the physique, quite the contrary. He is even convinced that he is not about to disappear. “Our goal is not for everyone to sign up for a subscription by paying us $15he explained. We believe that this kind of offer is an interesting economic model for certain types of games or certain players. In fact, I see it above all as a way for users to diversify the way they build their toy library, or as an additional way for creators to offer the games they produce. Regarding the physical, I believe that it will always be part of the business. I believe that people buying and wanting to own their games on a medium will continue to be a big part of gaming business for years to come.

Xbox Series X

For Phil Spencer, it is essential to let the players decide how they play and what they play. “That’s why we don’t offer exclusive games to our subscription service and don’t try to get them to stop buying physical gameshe points out. We love when people buy their physical games, that’s fantastic. We also love when they sign up for one of our memberships. In fact, the only thing we care about is how to get more people playing even more games, and making it easy to access.Still, the Xbox branch boss is aware of the popularity of free-to-play, microtransactions, DLCs and Battle Passes, and believes their growth will continue over the next decade.



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