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    TechnologyWriter Neal Stephenson proposes an open blockchain-based metaverse with the Lamina1 project

    Writer Neal Stephenson proposes an open blockchain-based metaverse with the Lamina1 project

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    science fiction writer neal stephenson wants to create an open metaverse based on blockchain technology, with which it hopes to achieve a decentralized virtual ecosystem through the Lamina1 project.

    Neal Stephenson is the responsible for the term metaveruswhich he coined in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, to refer to cyberspace, although he has also popularized terms that are very common today, such as avatar and massive online role-playing game (MORPG).

    He now seeks to create a metaverse based on ‘blockchain’ through the Lamina1 project, of which he is a co-founder, which will act as “the meeting point” of an ecosystem of resources and open standards and of “technologies conceived and developed jointly with a vibrant community of creators”.

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    Unlike the metaverse that companies like Meta seek to build, Stephenson’s proposal will take advantage of the decentralization offered by ‘blockchain’ and the Web3 to be open; It will offer open data and payment protocols and a set of interoperable services that support virtual worlds, as explained in the presentation document of Lamina1.

    This project is based on the Lamina1 blockchain, which uses a high-speed Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm and is based on the Avalanche platform, and will have support for different strings, a payment system that will support any token and an identity system that will distinguish between personal identity, sovereign identity, self-sovereign identity, and permissionless self-sovereign identity for online transactions.

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    Lamina1 will foster the ‘metaverse as a service’ie creating a set of interoperable decentralized services to support virtual worlds, and will offer storage that will prioritize latency and bandwidth concerns over what they call “perfect” security.

    Source: Europa Press


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