Gaming Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: the release date announced, a limited edition program

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: the release date announced, a limited edition program


A limited edition will also be offered to celebrate the launch of the game as it should be. In addition to the traditional steelbook, interested players will leave with the DLC “The Crown of Zhurong” and “The Crown of Gonggong”. That’s not all, since Koei Tecmo adds that those who obtain Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty before March 16 will be able to obtain the DLC “Armor of Baihu” (physical version ) or “Armor of Zhuque” (digital version).

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

We take this opportunity to recall that a demo of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty was deployed from September 16 to 26, and that more than 80,000 fans have come to the end of it. A few weeks ago, the developers said they did not want to imitate Elden Ring and focus on what they knew how to do. “We are convinced that there are still a lot of possibilities to improve our approach which is more linear, had explained in particular the producer Masaaki Yamagiwa. For example, Wo Long has a morale system: if you defeat a powerful enemy, your morale level will increase, and it will continue if you eliminate others. Afterwards, taking a look at the map, you may ask yourself: ‘Which path can I take with my current level of morale?’ […] If you die, your morale level is likely to go down. Suddenly, you say to yourself: ‘I’m going to take this path where there are no opponents in order to keep my level of morale intact, and thus remain powerful’, or else: ‘Maybe I will take this path where there are strong enemies, and thus increase my level of morale even more.’



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