Gaming Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: the Nioh-like reveals its release date – L…

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: the Nioh-like reveals its release date – L…

Team Ninja, which we know in particular for the Nioh license, has two new games in preparation: Rise of the Ronin and Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. The first won’t arrive until 2024 while the second just got its release date.

A promising year 2023

During its many presentations, the last dating from the Tokyo Game Show 2022, the action-RPG that smells good of the Nioh franchise knew how to show what it had in its belly and had no trouble arousing the interest of the General public. Nervous gameplay, an enticing universe and memorable encounters, that’s what the game promises us. But then, when will we be able to observe the result? Well, shortly.

It’s confirmed, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released on March 3, 2023 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series (day one in the Game Pass). The publisher took advantage of this encouraging announcement to unveil the content of future editions of the app. We start with the Deluxe digital edition which includes a Season Pass including three DLC packs as well as an artbook and a mini OST. If you pre-order it, a Qinglong armor will also be made available to you (or Baihu’s armor if you opt for the standard edition). Furthermore, a dematerialized pre-purchase will give the player Zhuque’s armor. Let’s end with the launch physical edition allowing you to obtain a steelbook and two accessories: the Zhurong Crown and gong gong crown.



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