LifestyleWithout Netflix, which platform is better? These alternatives are cheaper and have good series

Without Netflix, which platform is better? These alternatives are cheaper and have good series

That Netflix decided to charge for its classic option to share accounts has not sat well with users. Many have fled en masse due to the increase in the cost of Netflix, considering that it is becoming more expensive and offers poorer content or cancels those series that are considered good.

If this is your case and you are looking for an alternative to Netflix, there are many: Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video and even the newcomer, SkyShowTimethey offer a huge amount of quality content at a much more affordable price and without problems to share accounts.

Thinking of unsubscribing from Netflix? Perhaps you should take this into account before making the decision.

On these platforms there are so many good series and movies that you won’t miss the Netflix content, plus you can also enjoy documentaries and other types of content.

These are five cheaper alternatives to Netflix and with good series.

  1. Disney+
  2. HBO Max
  3. Amazon Prime Video
  4. SkyShowTime
  5. filming


Disney + is one of the best alternatives to Netflix if you are looking for children’s content, content for the whole family or you like this study. It has a price of 89.99 euros per year or 8.99 euros per month and allows to use up to seven different profiles and four simultaneous playbacks.

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In Disney+ we can see all the pStar Wars movies and series like The Mandalorian, plus all the Disney and Pixar classicsmany series and a lot of dNational Geographic Documentaries. It offers a wide selection of films and it is not only a platform for the little ones in the house, but it also has some of the great premieres of each month.


If you like series and give more importance to quality than quantity, HBO has been one of the reference channels for years. And HBO Max is the current streaming service where you can watch its content and many others from the Warner sealincluding the dc movies. Right now it has The Last of Us in its ranks, one of the most successful series in recent months.

Its current price is €8.99 per month, and you can create multiple profiles to share the account. Its future is uncertain because Warner plans to close it to create another service that includes its content and some of Discovery, but until then it is one of the best movie and series services out there.

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Logo

Amazon also has its own streaming service, and is within the Amazon Prime subscription. You pay for this service, and you have both the company’s music service and the series and movies, space for your photos in the cloud, and various advantages in your orders to the online store.

The entire suite in which Prime Video is included is priced at 49.90 euros per year or 4.99 euros per month, and the platform includes both a growing collection of own productions and others from third parties, films and series. In addition, you can grow the service by contracting other channels within the platform.


SkyShowtime vs Netflix: which streaming platform is best for you?

Netflix vs. SkyshowtimeNetflix vs. Skyshowtime

SkyShowtime is a joint service of two of the largest production companies in the industry, Paramount and NBCUniversal. As a result, this service mixes content from various channels and production companies, and that is where its strength lies. Everything in a single subscription €5.99 per monthwith a introductory offer of 2.99 euros per month for life.

In addition to Sky and Showtime contentthis service will also offer series and movies of Dreamworks, Universal, Peacock, Nickelodeon, Paramount+, and Paramount Pictures. Thanks to that, the initial selection of series is really attractive. In a matter of movies it will not be short either, with some of the most famous franchises on the planet such as Star Trek or Fast & Furious.

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The 10 best Filmin series: doctors on the verge of a nervous breakdown, broken adolescence and a teetotal detective who listens to Verdi


We end with Filmin, one of the most famous alternatives to Netflix. It is oriented towards cinema and independent content, with more than 10,000 titles and a ton of series that you can see without an Internet connection from your computer, mobile phone, television and even a console. Has a basic subscription of 7.99 euros per month (84 euros per year) and a plus subscription of 120 euros per year.

The basic subscription includes three vouchers and the plus, 25 vouchers. These vouchers are used to see premieres marked with a diamond. It is one of the best alternatives to netflix if you are looking for movies as it has some of the essential classics and a large amount of cult cinema or alternative and independent cinema.


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