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Wilson, the story of the hero dog who helped rescue in the jungle and does not return

Wilson, the story of the hero dog who helped rescue in the jungle and does not return

The military mission that has enabled the return home of Lesly, Soleyny, Tien and Cristin, the Colombian brothers who survived 40 days alone in the Amazon jungle, remains unfinished. Missing Wilson, the rescue dog that was key to the success of the call Operation Hope, but has not been able to return.

Wilson, disappeared while carrying out the task of searching for the children and was last seen May 18according to the authorities who trust that he is well and who have promised not to rest until he returns.

genetically Wilson It has the ability to withstand adverse conditions. The Belgian shepherd malinois Like him, they are characterized by having a high physical performance, much higher than the average. Sites specialized in animals, highlight the intelligence, territorial instinct and the high capacity to learn and socialize that this type of dog has, coming from the city of Mechelen (Belgium).

In the case of the canine soldier, the skills that he developed in the military field since he was a puppy are added, when he was incorporated to train as a rescue dog of the Colombian National Army Special Forces.

Wilson’s specialty is search and intervention missions and, for this reason, he was assigned to Operation Hope that the Colombian Military Forces planned to find the four children lost in the thick Colombian jungle of Caquetá, which has now been extended until he too is located.

As military commanders have explained, generally, when a member of the canine unit is assigned to a rescue task, they do not go next to their human companion, but rather they make use of their high capacities to move through complex terrain and track a target with its nose.

In fact, Wilson’s incorporation into Operation Hope was very effective: in addition to being able to reach the place where the remains of the plane in which the children were traveling were located, in a matter of days was able to find Cristin’s bottle and follow with his nose the footprints that he marked on the ground until he located them. It has been confirmed that the canine was able to accompany them at different times, even the children have drawn pictures of their experience in the jungle featuring Wilson with them. The contribution of the furry to the titanic search and rescue of minors alive after staying 40 days lost alone in the jungle It has been decisive, according to the authorities, including the country’s president himself, Gustavo Petro.

After the joy of the entire nation at the news of the miraculous return home of the children, the outcome of heOperation Esperanza keeps Colombia on edge and has generated high media attention.

The Military Forces maintain their commitment to Do not cease the mission as long as the four-legged commando does not return. It is known that at least a hundred of his companions are looking for him, among them the soldier Cristian David Lara Cuarán, who has been the Wilson’s guide throughout his 6 years of life since he was born in Chichinquirá. According to statements by the Army to the Colombian newspaper ‘El Espectador’, the dog and its handler have never been separated and he refuses to leave the jungle without recovering it.

«He did not want to leave the area until he found his puppy, those pairs create a lifelong bond. It is an impressive bond where loyalty is essential,” a source from the Military Forces told the newspaper.

There are clues that feed hope

In the last few hours, the authorities in charge of searching for the dog have reported that several units that are in the jungle have been able to see it, but “is disoriented”which fuels the illusion that he is alive and returns, since he does not have a tracking chip that allows him to be located.

As was done with the lost children, the search brigades are leaving food so that he can feed and resist while they find his whereabouts. “Operation Hope will not end until Wilson returns safe and sound”, is the message that the Military Forces have sent to the country and that is part of their campaign on social networks #VamosporWilson.



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