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    EntertainmentWilliam Shatner reflects on death and legacy

    William Shatner reflects on death and legacy

    William Shatner reflects on death and legacy

    William Shatner
    Photography: bennett rocklin (Good pictures)

    Ahead of the premiere of his documentary at SXSW, the veteran actor William Shatner He shares many views on death through a deeply existential lens. The 91-year-old actor will soon appear in a documentary you can call me bill, directed by Alexandre O. Co-produced with Felipe. For him, he says that documenting his life and his career has become an important matter as he gazes into the barrel of death.

    “I’ve turned down a lot of offers to do documentaries before,” says Shatner. Variety. But I won’t have long to live. Whether I’m passionate about what I’m talking about or 10 years from now, my time is limited, so that’s a factor. I have grandchildren. This documentary is for me a way of arriving after death.

    The prolific actor seems to realize that in his old age memories fade and eventually when our bodies rot away, we have to leave behind everything we’ve accumulated throughout our lives. although we can chat An AI version After Shatner’s long life, that doesn’t stop his body from deteriorating, rendering him unable to wear all the clothes he owns.

    “The sad thing is that when a person gets older, they get wiser and then they die with that knowledge. He has left. It’s not like I’m wearing my ideas or my clothes,” Shatner explains. “Today, a person donates or sells some of my clothes because I have what am I going to do with these found clothes? What am I going to do with all these thoughts? What am I going to do with 90 years of observations? The moths of destruction will eat my brain while it will destroy my clothes.

    And what do you think will happen when it’s time to go?

    “There was a time when actors, myself included, would act out death by falling to the ground, your eyes would dart, you’d squirm, and then you were dead,” Shatner explains. “This is not how you die. this is how you die [Shatner’s eyes go wide abruptly and his breath stops]. See? I’m dead.

    He continues: “Have you ever euthanized a dog? When I have to put a dog down, when I’m at the vet, I hug my dog’s head and say, ‘I’m with you baby, I’m with you.’ And the needle goes in, the dog looks at me affectionately, and he’s done. You don’t know they’re dead. This is how you die. it’s sudden My wife’s brother left the living room and entered the bedroom. A noise was heard. His wife walked in and he was dead. Death is new to all of us.

    The making of the documentary was the first time that Shatner did not think about what would happen when it was finished. in 2015, following the expected death of Shatner star trek Co-starring Leonard Nimoy, the conversation broke out When Shatner missed her funeral to speak at a fundraiser Red Cross. Reflecting on the event nearly 8 years later, Shatner offers some interesting insights into Cary Grant’s traditions and community memory.

    “I kept my promise and chose to go to Mar-a-Lago instead of a funeral, and I told the audience: ‘People ask for a legacy. There is no legacy. The statues are broken. The graves are looted. The tombstones are torn down. . Nobody remembers anybody. Danny Kaye or Cary Grant. Who remembers? They were big stars. But they’re gone and nobody cares,’” Shatner says. “But living are good works. If you do a good deed, it will have repercussions until the end of time.

    Shatner’s been a bit over the top ever since. His travel One of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin missions went into space. This inspired him to become more involved in environmental activism as he thought of humanity more broadly.

    “When I got out of the spaceship I was crying and crying and I thought why am I crying. what is happening? I’m in mourning. Why am I upset?” Shatner says. “Oh, I’m upset for the world because now I know more about what’s going on. I saw the earth and its beauty and its destruction. perishing Billions of years of evolution could disappear. It’s sacred, it’s holy, it’s life and it’s gone. This is beyond tragic. We stupid animals are destroying this beautiful thing called earth. You’re not angry? Shouldn’t something be done about it?

    Well happy Friday everyone.

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