Gaming Will the AAA project on Alien be developed by the crazy Suda51...

Will the AAA project on Alien be developed by the crazy Suda51 …

Recent rumors have brought to light the creation of a new game in the Alien franchise, a AAA title planned for 2023 under the code name Marathon and which would be planned for the new consoles in addition to a sequel to Alien Isolation. The insider behind this revelation, Tom Hendersonhas put a layer on its site by now providing the name of the possible studio in charge of this project: Grasshopper Manufacturer.

The Creative Assembly busy on other projects

If he does not reveal anything more in the update of his article, he claims to have obtained confidential documents presenting the release for the end of 2023 and the name of the associated studio. A studio known in particular for being that of Goichi “Suda51” Suda, an amateur developer of big fights, crazy universes and cel-shading. For example, we can cite his most famous works: No More Heroes, Killer7, Killer is Dead or even Lollipop Chainsaw, whose return has been announced.

Will the game change in style and shape to fit the general vibe of Grasshopper games? Will Suda51 have to adapt to this new license with a community of fans who are very picky about the universe? We will probably find out soon enough, a reveal would be planned for next year. In any case, this immediately dismisses The Creative Assembly, already busy with other projects (Hyenas and Total War). SEGA, very happy with Alien Isolation, would therefore have gone to a former partner (early 2000 with Shining Soul) to keep the series.



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