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Why Coca-Cola tastes different depending on where you drink it

You take a sip and it tastes like heaven: Coca-Cola’s addictive—and secret—formula is carefully designed to charm your palate, with a healthy dose of sugar included.

However, apart from the obvious differences between formats such as Coca-Cola light, zero or normal, it is likely that if you have traveled you have noticed that this soda takes on a slightly different flavor depending on which country you are in.

From the web Mashed explain why Coca-Cola tastes different in each place and remember that on the other side of the pond there has always been a great debate about whether or not Mexican Coca-Cola tastes better than that of the United States.

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The main difference between the Coca-Cola of other countries and that of the United States is the added sugar. The type of sugar can change, but the proportion of this ingredient present in the different drink formats also varies.

As collected smithsonian, Mexican Coca-Cola typically uses cane sugar, while American Coca-Cola uses high fructose corn syrup. This difference is due to the commercial war that Mexico and the United States maintain for sugar.

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Different countries and cultures also have different preferences for the sweetness of Coca-Cola and other soft drinks.which is another reason why the amount of sugar contained in carbonated soft drinks can vary from one country to another, stand out for their part from a thread of Quora.

What does not vary are its basic components and the manufacturing process. Franchise bottling can also be another reason for an altered taste between one region and another.

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In a restaurant where you serve yourself the drink, the Coca-Cola can be sweeter, more concentrated or smoother, since the drink is mixed right there and the proportions of water, carbonation or even the type of sweetener vary . From Easy CO₂ Gas point out that instead of high fructose corn syrup you can use cane sugar, brown sugar or caramel.

The conditions in which you consume the soft drink also affect the sensory experience. “It is possible that the same soft drink varies slightly in flavor due to other factors such as the temperature at which it is consumed, the food with which it is consumed or the conditions in which it is stored before consumption,” highlights the website of Coca Cola.

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As a curiosity, a 250-milliliter glass of Coca-Cola contains 105 calories. If it is without caffeine, it is 110 calories. However, and according to company data, the zero has 0.5 calories.


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