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When is the 2022 time change? Spain switches to winter time

In the early hours of Sunday, October 30, the change to winter time will take place in Spain, the second of the year. On this occasion, we move the clock back one hour and at 03.00 it will be 02.00. The most immediate effect will be the use of natural light, since from the change it will dawn and dusk earlier, which leads to an improvement in energy efficiency.

Why do we change the time?

We Europeans adjust our watches to comply with Community Directive 2000/84/EC twice a year. Normally the last weekend of October the clock is turned back to enter winter time, and the last weekend of March is advanced to enter summer time.

This time change measure responds to the idea of ​​adapting our schedules to natural light and achieving energy savings, although there are many who doubt that said savings will occur. Yes, we have more light in the morning, but in return we have less light when we leave work.

In Spain we have the peculiarity of sharing two official times, one for the Peninsula and the Balearic archipelago and another for the Canary Islands, which are one hour behind since 1922. Both are one hour ahead or one hour back as appropriate, although only during the 60 minutes after the change, the peninsula and the Canary Islands will have the same time.

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Could it be one of the last time changes?

The European Commission carried out a consultation on the matter in 2018 in which more than 80% of citizens were in favor of leaving behind the time change to maintain the same schedule throughout the year. The body then proposed to abolish the directive and that the decision be left to the choice of each country, however, the lack of consensus between the countries, and also within them, means that for the moment the two time changes to the year.

In Spain, the commission of experts launched by the Executive decided that the current time zone and the seasonal time change would be maintained, so for the time being the current time zone and the seasonal time change will be maintained.



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