GamingWhat you should know before buying skins at Farmskins

What you should know before buying skins at Farmskins

What you should know before buying skins at Farmskins

The arms market is full of more or less reliable box opening sites, it is essential to visit one with a track record. An excellent alternative is Farmskins whose crate battle, skin purchase and CS:GO crate opening are safe.

The activity of opening cases has gained popularity among gamers in recent years by providing new skins for weapons. They are striking designs, with different colors that allow you to customize the appearance. If you are about to buy skins at Farmskins, it is appropriate to know their details below.

CS:GO 2023 Crate Opening Sites

CS:GO Crate Opening Sites are platforms where you can get new skins legally and reliably. With the arrival of CS:GO boxes it is convenient to know which of these are recommended by the community. Participants find different services to improve their skin inventory.

Among the most prominent is Farmskins as it is the place where more than 120 million boxes have been successfully opened. Its trajectory has positioned it among the best platforms, offering benefits such as box drops, a refund shop, a system with improved levels and much more. Before choosing a site to open CS:GO boxes it is advisable to discover their reviews.

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Farmskins and their General Details

The Farmskins platform has been active since 2016 offering the best experience when opening CS:GO boxes. Legitimacy is high by having a large community that frequently uses the available services. Users usually take advantage of the promotions available to obtain benefits.

The company has a support team that is active 24/7 to guarantee the most timely solutions in case of inconvenience. Although the interface is intuitive and its functions are basic, there are several channels to request service. New members are met with a fast and secure registration on Steam.

When looking for new CS:GO skins, Farmskins provides a wide selection of payment methods to deposit. Popular services like the Gaben Shop, Crate Battles, and Crate Opening all have special offers to find better skins.

Farmskins website view

Security and Reliability

Reliability when participating in openings must be high by having to provide personal data, payment methods and money. Fans have a recognized platform, with a good reputation and a convenient rating on the most important portals.

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The privacy of the users is also considered, which is why the most advanced technology in HTTPs protocol and external encryption is incorporated. It complies with conditions and regulations for the protection of the community. More than 60 million people actively visit the Farmskins case opener site.

Services to Get Skins at Farmskins

One of the things you should know before buying skins at Farmskins is the services available for inventory improvement. Fans find a variety of ways to get exclusive skins. They also have bonuses and promotions for the community.

Among the services are:

Crates earned or purchased on the platform can be opened by purchasing a 2.5 USD key. The value of the skins will be defined according to their rarity.

Up to 4 groups with a maximum of 30 users can participate in box battles. All members offer boxes to open. The team with the best skins earned wins along with the other crates.

Hobbyists with a large inventory of common skins can trade them in for rarer ones. This allows you to recycle the skins, receiving more exclusive aspects.

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Free CS:GO Crates are offered in Gaben’s Shop. By participating in battles, openings or improvements you get bullets. Bullets can be exchanged for free boxes.

Bank operations

Banking operations on the site are fast and secure by presenting highly recognized options. Funds top-ups are instant, allowing you to start opening CS:GO crates as soon as possible.

Farmskins payment methods include:

  • PayPal.
  • Credit/Debit Card.
  • Skin2Pay.
  • Cryptocurrencies.
  • G2A.

Commissions and processing time may vary depending on the selected payment gateway. The first deposit offers an exclusive bonus for participants. Daily bonuses, coins, free level and more are provided in the benefits.


Finally, the site to buy CS:GO skins Farmskins is popular for working with a long list of benefits. From promotions, level system improvement, cashback store and gifts from time to time. Now that you know everything you need to acquire skins, it’s time to enter and improve your inventory.


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