LifestyleWeather in Easter 2023: will it rain or shine on vacation?

Weather in Easter 2023: will it rain or shine on vacation?

Weather in Easter 2023: will it rain or shine on vacation?

There is less and less time for Easter, vacation days and French toast, walks through nature and religious processions, brotherhoods and penitents, tasting the traditional cod fritters, vigil stews, porrusalda and garlic soups. It seems that, when it falls, it always rains. What will the weather be like this Easter Week of 2023?

Meteorologists already have their first impressions for this long-awaited holiday period, which this year falls on intermediate dates in the calendar with respect to other occasions.

The great days will pass between April 2 (Palm Sunday) and April 9 (Resurrection Sunday). As a curiosity, Easter Sunday is celebrated after the first full moon of the astronomical spring.

Crazy thermometers and essential umbrellas: this is what the weather will be like this spring

Well, the first thing you should know is thatIt is very difficult to make a long-term forecast in spring, since it is a particularly unstable station with wide variability. Despite this, and based on the main meteorological models, there are already some forecasts on the table that will help you to know if sunglasses or umbrellas will be needed more.

From meteoredits meteorologist Samuel Biener explains that Holy Week could start with above-average thermometers for this time of year.

According to his forecast, Palm Sunday could arrive with temperatures between 1 and 3 °C higher than normal in much of Castilla-La Mancha, south of Madrid, north of Andalusia, southeast of Extremadura, and occasionally in the Ebro valley.

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In the rest of the eastern half and in the south, values ​​of 0 to 1 °C higher than the mean are expected for now. Also in the Canary Islands. “In the Balearic Islands, the Northern Plateau and the extreme north, there are no significant thermal anomalies for the first days of April,” says Biener.

Big days of Easter: normal temperatures… and rain in a few regions

Rain during Holy Week in Sanlúcar de Barrameda.

For the big days of Holy Week, the temperatures will be the same for the time of year, according to the prediction of Meteored. They would only be slightly above normal in the extreme southeast, the Gulf of Valencia and the Canary Islands. For the rest, noor there would be significant thermal anomalies between April 3 and 10.

Those who love rain will surely remain happy, and those who seek the sun or the first walks on the beach will find themselves face to face: the forecast to date points to the last days of March and the first days of April accumulated rainfall above the average in points of the Central System and Montes de Toledo.

might as well raining more than normal at the beginning of Holy Week in the Gulf of Cádiz, Bajo Guadalquivir and the western islands of the Canary Islands. At the moment, no anomalies are intuited in the remaining regions.

April rain forecastApril rain forecast
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According to the ECMWF model, the second part of Holy Week, or what is the same, on holidays, rainfall could sweep the peninsula: they are expected rainier than normal days in Andalusia, south of Castilla-La Mancha, northwest of the peninsula and in points of the North Plateau.

It should not be forgotten that the month of April is usually unstable and variable.

From the web storm chaser point out that the forecast that can be made one month ahead is the “analysis of a general trend of the atmosphere for that week”, also taking the ECMWF model as a reference, which originates from the European Meteorological Center and is the data model more accurate and complete

Thus, they would predict negative pressure anomalies on the surface and in the upper levels of the atmosphere around Spain, with high pressures centered well to the north of the European continent or in the area of ​​Greenland and the United Kingdom. But the other reference model, the NOAA CFS also indicates a similar pattern.

Holy Week at the beginning of April is usually humid and cool

It should be remembered that, as explained from The time is, In April, Spain has an average temperature of 16.2 °C. Being located in the first part of the month, it is most likely that there will be slightly cooler records at Easter.

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There are several provincial capitals that register an average of more than 5 days of frost in April, which tend to occur preferably during the first fortnight: they are Soria, León, Burgos, Teruel and Ávila.

Rainwater is no longer drinkable in any corner of the planet, and is full of “eternal” carcinogenic substances

In April it usually rains more than in March: the national value for April is 65 liters per square meter, 20 more than the previous month according to records. And pulling statistics, the sun usually has few ballots: Holy Week from April 2 to 9 has only been anticyclonic on 7 occasions in the last 20 years. In the other 13, there has been instability and precipitation.

There is more chance that you will experience rain if you are in the north of the peninsula: in April there is an average of 15 days of rain, with values ​​that reach 200 l/m2 in the Cantabrian. In the Iberian System and the Ebro Valley, April is among the wettest months of the year. On the other hand, the averages for the southeast are much lower: it rains 5 days on average in April, and the data is 30 l/m2.


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