Technology We tried Pixel Buds Pro: noise song achieved but a design that...

We tried Pixel Buds Pro: noise song achieved but a design that you have to get used to first

Pixel Buds Pro in Coral – EUROPE PRESS

Google has recently updated its line of wireless in-ear headphones with the high-end model Pixel Buds Prowhich comes with active noise cancellation technologya novelty in the brand that matches other proposals seen on the market, such as the LinkBuds S from Sony or the Galaxy Buds2 Pro from Samsung.

The technology company has used 11-millimeter dynamic speaker drivers Y three microphones in each earphone to develop the solution with which it has implemented active noise cancellation (ANC) for the first time in the Pixel Buds.

Putting on the Buds Pro, ambient noise, such as that coming from cars through an open window or the typing of office colleagues, disappears, achieving greater concentration on what we are doing. You can still hear it, for example, if someone is talking on the phone nearby, but the impression is that it is further away, like in another room.

The insulation from outside noise it offers is achieved, and it is noticeable immediately, just by putting one of the two headphones, and keep your finger pressed on its surface, at which point it leaves a “deaf” ear and allows you to check that this technology works. When you put on the second earphone, the feeling is like being inside a bubble, albeit with more muffled sound.

The audio experience is also remarkable, since it reproduces a clear and nuanced sound, voice and instruments, and together with noise cancellation, reinforces the feeling of immersion. The headphones also feature an Ambient Sound mode that lets in some outside noise.

Perhaps because of the size, the design fails a bit in our test when using these headphones. They can be adjusted with the different pad sizes included in the box, but we have found the problem in the body of the headset itself.

In this sense, the Buds Pro no longer have the antenna that the Series A has to guarantee greater support, but they offer in return a fatter body that may not fit well in the ear, or at least generates this sensation.

That said, apart from being too noticeable when wearing the headphones, we didn’t experience any falls, although the test didn’t include physical activity, such as going for a run.

Although not essential, another notable novelty is wireless charging (Qi standard), and overall battery improvementwith a headset autonomy that reaches seven hours with active noise cancellation, and exceeds ten if it is disabled, company estimates that fit with what we have experienced in the test.

In summary, the Pixel Buds Pro appear as an ally for those moments when we need to focus on the task at hand and even the slightest noise interrupts and annoys us thanks to the quite successful active noise cancellation. With clear sound, good connectivity and autonomy, only the design can be a small point against it, although it is all a matter of getting used to it.

Source: Europa Press



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