Sports “We can start writing our own history”

“We can start writing our own history”

“We can start writing our own history”

The national soccer coach Luis de la Fuente reiterated that they are facing “a historic opportunity” to be able to win a title and that for this reason they must face this ‘Final Four’ of the League of Nations, where they debut this Thursday against Italy, with the maximum motivation because it can mean the beginning of the “own history” of the current generation and of a team that he sees as “a ‘little’ closer” to his idea.

“We are playing a title, it is a historic opportunity to win one in two games. I am convinced that we are prepared and that we have worked exceptionally for a game of this level,” De la Fuente said at a press conference.

The La Rioja coach stressed that they are “privileged to have this opportunity” and put “value” on the players and coaching staff who had led them to this ‘F4’. “This semifinal against Italy has to be a party, you couldn’t ask for more. We are extremely happy and responsible, I see the team convinced that we can do something very important,” he stressed.

In any case, he pointed out that “you cannot demand” anything from the team. “We are excited. We have more than enough potential to win any title because we have very good footballers and we are a very powerful team, but our rivals are at the same level and in these types of matches there is a lot of equality,” he said.

“I see it as if it is my last game, but this is not from now, it is forever, because it is the only way to face something with energy and desire, leaving everything to think that it is the last opportunity of your life. “What will happen tomorrow? Unfortunately we don’t know, but we are going to face it as if our sporting life depended on it and we are going to go with everything”, De la Fuente asserted.

And it is the one that the coach made clear that he feels “responsibility for everything” he does and faces it “with the same demand.” “As the person in charge, I feel the importance of representing a country that is devoted to us and that supports us ‘to the death’. I know what I have in my hands and that calms me down to deal with what I can control, which is the daily work”, added the one from Haro, to which “the bickering” of what can be said about him in the press does not take away “not a second” of his time.


“The handicap for the coaches is the lack of time and the important thing is the quality of those minutes we have. We have the advantage that the players quickly assimilate the message and, little by little, as soon as we have the opportunity to play, train and to know each other more, the idea will be consolidated. The little time that we have we have to enjoy it and make the most of it, I think that now we are a ‘little’ closer to what we want to convey”, he warned.

De la Fuente considered that he was not “lucky” in what he said after the defeat against Scotland in March. “But it is that I am always positive and I see that the team is taking steps forward. What happens is that there is an urgency of a semifinal against Italy”, pointed out the coach.

Regarding Italy, he stressed that he is in a situation “very similar” to that of his team, immersed “in a training process, with young people and veterans, also in the process of consolidating a project.” “For me, this match could be the final of a EURO or a World Cup, it is extremely equal and, as always, the details will be final. We will have to live up to the demands, but I am convinced that we can do something very important,” he said.

In addition, “regardless of the data or signs” surrounding the clash, such as the fact that almost 15 years ago Spain eliminated the ‘Azzurra’ in the Eurocup quarterfinals and it was a turning point, for De la Fuente “the important thing is the game”. “We have enough motivation to think about our cycle, then we will give it the varnish with figures and curiosities. We can start writing our own history and it would be very nice to do it by winning a title,” he remarked.


Asked about the physical condition of Rodri Hernandez and Aymeric Laporte, who joined on Tuesday after winning the Champions League with Manchester City and the subsequent celebrations, the coach wants to wait for the last training session to see “how they are in every way.” “The advantage we have is that they come with exceptional motivation,” he confessed.

“It is fair that a victory like this be celebrated. They are two great professionals and I am convinced that they are prepared to play with complete safety. Rodri is impossible to have more motivation, he was the protagonist and ‘MVP’, I have no doubt that if we need “They are not going to fail. They are responsible for what we are at stake, they will be up to the task of a game of these characteristics”, he stated in this regard.

On the other hand, he insisted that he always plays “with a center forward”, although there will be him on the field “with different characteristics” and he did not rule out the ‘touched’ Dani Olmo. “I look at him in any forward position, if he is here we are sure that he will participate, let’s see how he evolves these hours,” he declared.

Likewise, the man from La Rioja stated that he does not look at whether a player “arrives before or after” the concentration to assess his options to be a starter or play and expressed his “excitement” to meet Jesus Navas again after training him when “he was 15 years old”. and with Ansu Fati, whom he made his debut at the age of 16 in the Under-21s and whom he sees as “very happy, motivated and excited”. “He has done some exceptional training and I am happy to meet again with the Ansu we met four years ago, we know that he has a fantastic margin for improvement”, he highlighted.

Finally, the coach of the national team also praised a veteran like Jordi Alba, who “still has a fantastic journey” and who “will run out of rope whenever he wants” and confirmed that he has not “decided” who will be the starting goalkeeper , asking “to naturalize the debate of the goal”. “I am exceptionally calm with all three, anyone can be a starter with maximum guarantees,” he settled.



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