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We are pregnant, not sick

I declare myself little fan of American football, what I know about that sport I have learned in my favorite movie: The Blind Side, and I never thought I would write about it. Much less, I thought that the most notorious news of this past LVII edition was carried away by a pregnancy.

I put it on my social networks and I reiterate it now: “Hang a photo of the Goddess #Rihanna in all #recruitment and #humanresources offices. If pregnant we can be on a platform singing at a world-class event, of course we can with your work, Juan. Get used to it.”

From my feminism and with the power of the purple glasses that make me analyze everything from a gender perspective, it is clear that Rihanna took the victory and with her, the working mothers who daily endure the system’s attacks against our professional and personal development.

Are you worried about the health of the singer, do you consider pregnancy a disease? I’m not judging you, the Federation Expenditure Budget has been making the same mistake for years. The public resources assigned to pay the maternity allowance for working women in Mexico are labeled together with the sickness budget and, furthermore, the Federal Labor Law confuses the stage of care for a newborn with rest periods, so do not , it is not you who is complaining because a pregnant woman made a commercial while singing, it is the system that has taught you to think and behave like this and these “learnings” are called patriarchy.

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Fortunately, it seems that the National Football League (NFL) already has a diversity and inclusion committee in the production team of the expected Show. Article 4 of the Constitution of Mexico states that “everyone has the right to decide freely, responsibly and informed about the number and spacing of their children.” The Federal Labor Law, for its part, in article 133, determines that “it is prohibited to require the presentation of medical certificates of non-pregnancy for entry, permanence or promotion in employment”, however, the latest edition of the Survey National on the Dynamics of Relationships in Homes (ENDIREH), has other data: of the total number of women who have had a job, 27.9% have experienced some type of violence throughout their working lives.

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If you translate the arguments expressed in the networks to the world of work, you will understand why the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (CONAPRED) identifies pregnancy as the most frequent reason for discrimination complaints it has received since 2011. Yes, it is discrimination the fact that people on social networks commented on Rihanna’s pregnancy as the factor that prevented her from “living up”. Let’s celebrate the great night that was for the feminist movement on Show halftime show of Super Bowl LVII.

If you want to reduce violence in your workplace, I will accompany you. For the fourth consecutive year I am launching the call for the ranking: Best organizations for Godin Moms, that is, for mothers who work in a company. In the 2022 edition, we received data from 186 organizations, of which only 25 earned recognition. This year, those interested must carry out a self-assessment of sixty indicators, if your employer wants to participate in the free exercise, you can start the process: here.

*Aidee Zamorano is the founder of Mama Godin, a project for working mothers to have tools to defend their rights.

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