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“We are in a good moment of institutional and personal relations with Thebes and LaLiga”

“We are in a good moment of institutional and personal relations with Thebes and LaLiga”

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta, has ensured that they are going through “a good moment of institutional and personal relations” with LaLiga and its president, Javier Tebas, after the clashes over the ‘Negreira case’ and the wage bill limit, and has recognized that they will try to make “some more reinforcement in defense and in the center of the field”.

“At Barca we are also in a new era, we agree. We are going in the same direction,” he declared before the presentation of the ‘New Era’ of LaLiga with Electronic Arts as a strategic partner for the next five campaigns. “We are in a good moment of institutional and personal relations, both between presidents and between the two institutions. I think it should be like this,” he said.

In this sense, he explained that he has resumed his “personal relationship” with Javier Tebas. “Institutions and people go through different stages in life and now we are in a good place with LaLiga. Barca has to be in a line of harmony and institutional understanding with LaLiga and its president. We have resumed the personal relationship”, he explained he.

Regarding the possibility of playing in the Champions League, the cule chief executive explained that the UEFA investigators have told them that “there are no reasons to penalize Barca”. “We are happy that this news occurred, that we understood that it should be so because they cannot condemn one before being tried,” he warned.

“I personally explained to President Alexander Ceferin what this case consisted of, as we saw it, that there was nothing related to sports corruption. He understood the situation, he is a lawyer, he knows that these things have their process. The surprising thing would be that they sentenced you before judging you. Fortunately, we will be able to play ‘Champions’ next season”, he continued.

“Within ten days, the recommendation of the UEFA investigators will be confirmed, who have spent time studying the case and have seen that there is no sports corruption and that a club cannot be condemned before it is tried. This is good news, because we will be able to participate in the ‘Champions’. If we want to continue being hegemonic in LaLiga and compete to win it, we must also aspire to compete to win the ‘Champions'”, he continued.

He also stressed that fans should not be worried. “What they have to do is keep enjoying themselves. We’re going to keep putting on a good football show, try to keep playing to win LaLiga next year. We’ve achieved our goals this year and we want more. In Europe, we have to try to win the ‘Champions’ too,” he said.

Regarding the Super League, Laporta believes that Barca can act as a “bridge” between UEFA and Real Madrid to try to reach agreements. “Now we are waiting for the resolution of the Court of Luxembourg, which we think will be before the end of July. It is good that Barca is there, because we can act as a bridge for dialogue between UEFA and the clubs that are in the Super League “, he pointed.


In another order of things, Laporta assured that Mateu Alemany is considering “several options” in the transfer market. “We are in the process of registering players based on the feasibility plan that LaLiga has allowed us. If there is any way out, we will be able to make a new incorporation,” he stressed.

Besides, it advanced that they will try to make incorporations in the defense and the center of the field. “The market has only just begun and we are focused on defense, where we will make some more additions if the starts allow us. In the midfield we will make one more reinforcement, because the coach has asked us to do so, we will see what happens with some player who has had offers. In front, more or less we have it complete and in principle we will continue with players who had said they were going to leave but who are going to continue”, he highlighted.

“We keep the important players because the coach has told us that he wants to continue with them. We are delighted with the players we have, they define our style. They have reached a higher level thanks to the titles, and we are on the right track,” he said, and among them he counts Ansu Fati. “Ansu Fati has a contract with Barca and wants to continue, this is what he and his agent have told us. We are delighted that he continues at Barca,” he said.

“If any player wants to leave, they will leave. Barca players want to be at Barca, we are not dedicated to retaining anyone. If they are useful players for our system, we are delighted,” he added.

Finally, Laporta refused to talk about the renewal of Xavi. “We have discussed it, but the priority is to build the team, improving it as much as possible, and when we can have a quiet moment, we will address everything that refers to his contract. He is a talented coach who understands the circumstances of the club and there is no problem”, he concluded.



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