News USA ‘Water police’ go against waste in Las Vegas

‘Water police’ go against waste in Las Vegas

Dressed in a flashy neon vest, Cameron Donnarumma takes out his cell phone and films a short video showing how sprinklers in a Las Vegas garden are aimed at the sidewalk, spraying liquid onto the pavement. After recording, he places a warning flag for the owner, who will have to correct the violation or risk a fine.

The water surveillance patrol does not mince words. It is part of a liquid savings plan that seeks to place Las Vegas as a conservation leader. The State of Nevada urgently needs it, since it is only allowed to use less than 2% of the water from the Colorado River, severely affected by the drought.

Casinos and hotels are a separate issue, as most draw their water from their fancy private well fountains. Authorities have focused on residents, implementing measures such as offering $3 for every square meter of grass replaced with cost-saving alternatives or limiting the size of swimming pools.

The program is ambitious and seeks that by 2027, any type of “non-functional” lawn irrigation (merely decorative and non-recreational) will be prohibited, except in family residences. Some subdivisions have already gone ahead to remove the decorative grass, leaving large expanses of dirt uncovered.



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