Entertainment Watch Jenna Ortega’s first promo on Saturday Night Live

Watch Jenna Ortega’s first promo on Saturday Night Live

Watch Jenna Ortega’s first promo on Saturday Night Live

Wednesday Actress Jenna Ortega recently It was opened About trying to get his vision of the iconic Addams Family character more on screen. Netflix won the series. Now, with his new concert Saturday night live Host, The jane the virgin The actor has to step back.

“It was so well written that I didn’t feel like doing it Wednesday Dancing for commercials because we’ve seen so much already and I think it’s time to do something new, you know? ortega says please don’t destroy Boys in a promotional video.

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Please Don’t Destroy Children Jenna Ortega – SNL Has An Idea

Naturally, the comedy trio is decked out in full costume as they head to their school dance on Wednesday in the now-viral clip, wigs and all. No strangers to internet fame, they turn to reverse psychology to appease Ortega.

“We wouldn’t dream of dancing with you, so don’t,” says John Higgins.

Ortega finally gives in to Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” and reprises her role, though she sticks to her “’70s reporter” outfit and has the energy of someone who’s sick and tired. (And she wouldn’t believe it there is covid This time!) Fortunately, the you When she takes the stage at Studio 6H on Saturday, the cast will have plenty of new material to work with.

2022 continues the hot streak, which also saw the launch of projects including shout, study 666, XAND Jurassic World: Camp CretaceousOrtega is now one of the stars scream VILeaving this weekend. audiovisual clubreview of He notes that it is “one of the funniest (and funniest) modern horror experiences one can have in the theater” and that Ortega’s performance is “exceptional.”

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