EntertainmentWarner sued Paramount over "South Park."

Warner sued Paramount over “South Park.”

Warner Bros. Discovery filed a lawsuit alleging that Paramount Global reneged on parts of a $500 million licensing agreement in October 2019 centered on the broadcast rights to the “South Park” franchise.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in New York State Supreme Court, alleges Paramount breached contract by running “South Park” specials and other content on its own Paramount+ platform “at Warner/HPO’s expense.”

They allege that Paramount has engaged in “numerous and flagrant misrepresentations of fact and breach of contract” and aims to “recover hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.”

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A partial problem is related to the given. The lawsuit alleges that when HBO Max made an offer for the broadcast rights to “South Park,” it did so with the promise that there would be three new seasons of 10 episodes each.

The lawsuit alleges that the first season only received two episodes and the second only six episodes from those seasons. HBO Max will also have only six episodes in the third season, a total of 14 episodes over the three seasons instead of the promised 30 seasons, thus paying more for the HBO Max library.

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In 2021, MTV announced a $900 million deal with show creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It will run on Paramount+ in the form of fourteen South Park ‘movies’ produced for exclusive “South Park” content. Four of those movies have run to date.

HBO Max argues that MTV’s deal should transfer content that should be covered by its 2019 deal to Paramount+: Paramount uses a “verbal tactic” to dub these movies/shows instead of episodes covered by the 2019 deal.

In response, Paramount denied the allegations and accused Warner Bros. of failing to pay license fees owed under the agreement with Discovery.

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A Paramount Global spokesperson said in a statement: “We believe these claims are without merit and look forward to proving it through the legal process.”

Source: Variety


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