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War map | Why is Dzhankoy in Crimea in the crosshairs of Ukraine?

The Ukrainian authorities did not directly claim responsibility for Monday night’s attack in Dzhankoy, in the annexed Crimea, but they affirmed that it serves to continue “demilitarizing Russia and preparing the evacuation of the Crimean peninsula.”

Where exactly did it happen and why Dzhankoy is so important. Let’s take a look. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said late on Monday that the attack destroyed Russian “Kalibr” cruise missiles that were being transported by train in the city of Dzhankoy in Russian-occupied Crimea.

Two of Russia’s most important military airfields on the peninsula are at Dzhankoy and Hvardiiske, the British Defense Ministry reported in 2022.

Ukrainian officials have long said that the military airbase near Dzhankoy and the town itself have become one of Russia’s biggest strategic points.

Oleg Kryuchkov, a Moscow-appointed adviser to the chief position in Crimea, said the drone strike was aimed at civilian targets, stating “There are no military sites nearby.”

Dzhankoy is also a key road and rail junction that plays a very important role in supplying Russia’s operations in southern Ukraine, both to Kherson and to the Zaporizhia region and the Azov Sea coast.

In general, Dzhankoy is the key junction for all Crimean rail traffic, including supplies from the cities of Kerch to Sevastopol, the latter an important naval base of the Russian Black Sea fleet.

Some of Russia’s most important warships have been docked there, including surface ships equipped with cruise missiles.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) previously assessed that Russian forces continue to deplete their missile arsenal and may limit the frequency and scale of missile attacks, but will likely continue to threaten critical infrastructure. and to the Ukrainian civilian population.

Source: Euronews Español



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