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    TechnologyVoice actors denounce that they are being asked to cede the rights to their voices to the AI: clauses that are increasingly frequent in...

    Voice actors denounce that they are being asked to cede the rights to their voices to the AI: clauses that are increasingly frequent in their contracts

    Even before the artificial intelligence text generator ChatGPT was the topic of conversation par excellence, AI had already aroused suspicion in certain industries before the risk it could pose for your workers.

    Some of the first professionals to denounce this situation were graphic artists, who claimed that technologies such as Dall-E (which, like ChatGPT, has also been developed by OpenAI), midjourney either stable diffusion They did not imply a democratization, but a “trivialization of art” and that directly confronted its copyright.

    Another sector that denounced the situation was the audiovisual sector. Several dubbing actors assured last September in an interview for Business Insider Spain They did not believe that these technologies had the potential to kill their work, but they did recognize that they had the ability to bring more precariousness to the sector.

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    Far from regressing in its advance, artificial intelligence has continued to make progress in this field, even reaching podcasts and radio shows. Some experts in voice overs expressed last December that they continued to see these tools as something distant, that could help them in production, but that they found it difficult to replace the announcers.

    Meanwhile, AI has run its course and has managed, for example, that tech giants such as Manzana have submitted a catalog of audiobooks that have been fully narrated by a “digital voice based on a human narrator.”

    The ‘boom’ of AI reaches the podcast: experts believe that it can help in production, but find it difficult to replace the humanity of the announcers

    A podcast recording set.A podcast recording set.

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    Several voice actors have now denounced that more and more contracts include a clause in which they are asked to give up the rights to their own voice so that it can be used by an AI. This has been reported by some in an article by Vice in which they affirm that it is an increasingly frequent practice.

    A voice actress who has appeared in video games as Apex LegendsFryda Wolff, spoke to this medium about the dangers of signing such clauses: “Developers, animation studios and even clients could squeeze more out of my performances by feeding an AI with my voice, using these generated performances, and then never compensate me for the relative ‘similarity'”.

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    Another voice actress, Sarah Elmaleh, a professional who has worked on games like Fortnite either Halo Infinite also stated to Vice that The consent in those kinds of circumstances should be “continuous”.

    “What happens when we happily accept a role and, once in the booth, we see a line in the script that doesn’t seem right to us and express unequivocal discomfort?” the actress wondered in a hypothetical case. “Normally, we can refuse to read that line to prevent it from being used. Obviously, this technology bypasses that entirely.”


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