LifestyleVisual challenge: find the word 'stories' in less than 10 seconds to pass the challenge

Visual challenge: find the word ‘stories’ in less than 10 seconds to pass the challenge

Do you like to do visual challenges from time to time to train your brain? This type of hobbies are perfect to disconnect for a moment what you are doing, rest from work or enjoy a pleasant time with friends.

Exercise can be overwhelming as soon as you see it. The reason is that it can be a real headache. But, if you manage to solve it, it will mean that you don’t miss a single one. Not everyone manages to solve this visual challenge. Do you see yourself capable of overcoming it?

What is today’s visual challenge?

The instructions are very easy (how complicated it can be to overcome the challenge). In the image below, the same word is repeated numerous times. Or so it seems. However, among so much repetition there is a word that is not entirely the same.

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The challenge is to find the word stories which is hidden below. To complicate a bit more this challenge, you will have to do it in 10 seconds. So, take a deep breath, and play! This is the image in question that you should look at carefully:

Visual challenge find the word stories

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Do you want any clue?

If the 10 seconds are up, but your pride wants you to solve the mystery before checking the solution, the following clues may help:

  • Look at the first columns.
  • Perhaps because of the upper zone of these.
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You give up? Do you feel like your brain is going to explode if you keep looking? So there goes the solution to this visual challenge.

Within the designated area you can find the word stories. In this visual challenge, it can be hard to find because there comes a time when the mind becomes saturated. Don’t worry if you haven’t identified it in time. She has always been there and if you don’t believe it, see for yourself.

Visual challenge find the word storiesVisual challenge find the word stories
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How did the challenge go? You’ve got locate the hidden word before time runs out? If you’ve had a good time, in Business Insider Spain You will find both optical illusions and visual tests that will test not only your brain but also your sight.

And do not forget share this game with family and friends. Find out if your acquaintances have prodigious eyesight (and a lot of patience) by finding the different word in this challenge.


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