LifestyleVisual challenge: find the word 'musical' in less than 15 seconds to solve this word puzzle

Visual challenge: find the word ‘musical’ in less than 15 seconds to solve this word puzzle

Visual challenge: find the word ‘musical’ in less than 15 seconds to solve this word puzzle

Do you like to solve visual challenges from time to time to train your brain? This type of hobbies are perfect to disconnect for a moment what you are doing, rest from work or enjoy a pleasant time with friends.

This exercise may seem easy as soon as you see it. Who has never made one? alphabet soup? Do not trust yourself even if you have solved many because, in reality, it is not that easy to find the solution. If you manage to solve it, consider yourself a true puzzle genius. You are ready?

What is the visual challenge?

The instructions are very easy (how complicated it can be to overcome the challenge). The image below shows a series of letters placed randomly. Don’t try to make sense of them. Except for one word that is hidden between them.

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The challenge consists of find the musical word among the 156 letters that make up this word search. To make this challenge a bit more complicated, you will need to do it in 15 seconds. So, take a deep breath, and play! This is the image in question that you should look at carefully:

Visual challenge musical word search

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Want some clue?

It is likely that after trying this challenge, if you have not been able to solve it, you will consider not to do an alphabet soup again for a while. Lucky for you, in Business Insider Spain You have visual challenges of all kinds and they are waiting for you to crack them.

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If the 15 seconds are up, but your pride wants you to solve the mystery before checking the solution, the following clues may help.

  • The word you are looking for is diagonal.
  • You can read it from bottom to top.
  • Focus your attention on the middle columns.


You give up? Do you feel like your brain is going to explode if you keep looking? So, there goes the solution to this visual challenge.

The placement of the term that you should look for is not the easiest for this kind of hobby. Sometimes it is difficult to find the words in the puzzles among so many characters. The musical word has always been there And if you don’t believe it, check it out below:

Visual challenge musical word searchVisual challenge musical word search
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How did the challenge go? You’ve got locate the hidden word before time runs out? If you’ve had a good time, in Business Insider Spain You will find both optical illusions and visual tests that will test not only your brain but also your vision.

Do not forget share this game with family and friends. Find out if your acquaintances have prodigious eyesight (and eternal patience) by finding the hidden word.


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