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Virginia Torrecilla: “I want to return to being the Virginia of before and return to the national team”

The Atletico de Madrid soccer player Virginia Torrecilla has acknowledged that she hopes “to return to being the Virginia she was before” and return “to the national team”, after having overcome a brain tumor that kept her away from the pitch for months.

“I want to return to being the Virginia that I was before, and I would love to return to the national team and resume everything I experienced in her day as captain,” she said in an interview for the Ausonia campaign, together with the Spanish Association Against Cancer. , to raise funds for breast cancer research. “I would love to play an Olympic Games, it would be the best for a high-level athlete,” she added.

In addition, he recalled how his return to competition was, in the final of the Spanish Super Cup in January this year. “There were mixed emotions, a lot of nerves, a lot of desire… It was a difficult moment to assimilate, but very happy to have overcome everything I’ve overcome and, above all, to return to being the Virginia that I was,” she explained.

Ausonia continues to support breast cancer research with its ‘1 pack = 1 minute’ campaign; With just one click on the website you can add minutes to the investigation. “If it weren’t for campaigns like the one in Ausonia or for girls who claim their rights, this couldn’t continue. Thanks to each and every one of you for doing it, for being brave. As a woman I will always fight as much as possible,” she said.

In this sense, she confessed how “beautiful” it is to be an ambassador “of such a special campaign”. “Those of us who have gone through this disease empathize a lot with all of it. Thanks to them we have been cured, and what less than being able to help more people to be cured,” she pointed out.

“When you experience a disease like the one we’ve been through, it’s very complicated; a thousand and one choices go through your head, but we keep going, knowing that every step forward is a challenge. Life has changed me 200% And I think that thanks to that I am a renewed Virginia, a Virginia who wants more and, above all, who wants to live a life, be it short or long, and enjoy it,” she continued.

In this sense, he pointed out the support he had from fans and other members of society during his illness. “After what I experienced, people helped me a lot, and what less than to return everything they gave me back in the day. I made it public as soon as I left the operating room to be able to help people,” he said.

“You have to know that life is like that, I would never have thought I would have cancer, and I did. I got over it, I worked a lot, it was very hard, but I’m here. Medicine is evolving a lot and thanks to that we are here. Thank you from heart, I hope and wish that all the people who are experiencing complicated situations are positive, that it is worth it”, he continued.

Finally, Torrecilla spoke of the vindication of the F League referees, who went on strike during the first day to complain about their economic situation. “We are seeing that women’s football is growing a lot and that leads to problems. Little by little they are being fixed. As women, they have to claim their rights, it doesn’t seem bad to me; everyone will have the opinion they want. They will have to continue working We will improve in all aspects. Let’s go forward together,” she concluded.

Source: Europa Press



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