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Villa San Martino: Berlusconi’s mansion, ‘temple’ of power, luxury and lust where he will be entombed in a Tutankhamun-inspired tomb

Villa San Martino: Berlusconi’s mansion, ‘temple’ of power, luxury and lust where he will be entombed in a Tutankhamun-inspired tomb

Symbol of power, wealth and lust. Villa San Martino It has been the scene of the lights and shadows through which the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi who, at least three decades before his death, arranged for the gigantic and luxurious 18th century construction, located in the municipality of Arcore, to the north of Italy, became the place of exaltation of his figure for posterity.

He will be entombed in a mausoleum whose design is inspired by theTutankhamun’s tomb and where Berlusconi ordered to place a carrara marble sarcophagus, the same guy as Michelangelo and Donatello used in their artwork. The burial area is located in the middle of gardens and also consists of 37 niches that the ‘Cavaliere’ assigned to his family and friends. He recounted it himself: “This is where I want to go when the time comes, this is where I want to be buried with my friends and family.”

That sizes the Berlusconi’s attachment to Villa San Martino which is a small palace set on a plot of land 90 hectares, that has 72 rooms distributed over three floors.

The ostentatious residential complex also houses a park with stables, a hunting reserve, as well as two swimming pools, a tennis court and a chapel, among other attractions. To this is added a art gallery and a library with at least 10,000 old titles.

From monastery to scene of sex, ostentation and death

The property was originally a Benedictine monastery. According to references from the time, in the 18th century the place was transformed into a stately villa by the family of Marquises Casati Stampa and it was the residence of the Marquis Camillo and his second wife, the actress Anna Fallarino, the protagonists of a tragedy of love, sex and blood. It is known that the marquis liked to watch his wife have sexual relations with men, but upon discovering that she had fallen in love with one of his ‘guests’ in bed, he killed them both with a rifle and then committed suicide.

The property was inherited from Camillo’s daughter named Annamaria, who when she turned 21 went to Brazil and put her possessions up for sale, including the family home that Berlusconi opted for and for which he paid just over 500 million euros. liras, at a time when he worked as a builder and that was a great business because he ended up putting it in guarantee for 7,300 million at that time.

Berlusconi had countless properties to match the wealth he accumulated. However, since 1974 when he acquired Villa San Marino he made it his home and he made it the epicenter of his operations and, of course, of his ventilated excesses.

The Villa San Martino hall, on whose walls valuable works of art are exhibited, which the magnate himself displayed in ecstasy more than once, was, for example, the scene of his famous ‘bunga bunga’ parties.

The town now houses the funeral chapel of Silvio Berlusconi, who died on June 12, at the age of 86, due to leukemia. However, the doors of the iconic property will only be open to family, friends and influencers.



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