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Veronica Castro will sue for moral damages and digital violence those who accuse her of harassing minors

Veronica Castro, old queen of the Mexican soap opera, will take legal action for moral damage and digital and media violence suffered after the accusations of alleged harassment of minors that were launched against her. In early October, the youtuber Jorge Carbajal uncovered in his program some alleged conversations as proof of the actress’s approach to several underage women, and these accusations were also spread by journalists such as Gustavo Adolfo Infante. “The falsely disseminated and manipulated information also affects the rights of minor adolescents, for whom Veronica Castro reiterates her support. At all times we will act with a childhood and gender perspective, in protection of the interest of children and adolescents hand in hand with these adolescents and their families, ”says the statement.

For a while, the actress was chatting online with a group of eight young fans, with whom she exchanged gifts, impressions and even video calls through the Zoom application. “Mrs. Castro acknowledges that she made a mistake: being naive in trusting that there would be no hidden agenda within this group of followers who expressed affection and admiration for her to harm her,” the office that represents her said in the note. .

“These notes and publications distort reality and make false and very serious accusations”, expose the lawyers of the actress who, after years away from the cameras, appeared in 2018 in the famous Netflix series the house of flowers, where she plays the role of a mother of a high-class, unfaithful and drug-addicted family, far removed from the roles of suffering and marginal women that she played in her golden age. “Mrs. Castro did not commit any crime,” continues her statement, which ensures that legal action will be taken against those who issued the accusations against her.

After the accusations of harassment, Castro, who turned 70 just a few days ago, decided to leave social networks until Jorge Carbajal and Gustavo Adolfo Infante, who according to her were the main characters who spread this news, apologized “for their aggressions, lies and lack of respect” towards him, he then wrote on his Twitter account.

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