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Venezuela, that something remains

The conversation occurred several times, but I especially remember one, going up to the Carpintero neighborhood, in Petare (Caracas). Daniel, Fat, the guardian angel of many journalists who fell in Venezuela, asked me the same thing again: “Why is there so much talk in Spain about Venezuela? What’s wrong with them?” One tried to explain to him that the situation in his country was being used by many politicians because, to give him a quick story, a party that aspired to be part of the Government had had sympathies and ties to Chavismo. Then he would tell him some of the things, exaggerated, false, out of context, that were said in favor of the freedom of his country so that, again, he would make the finest express analysis that could be heard: “They don’t give a damn about us; I sent those people for a few days over here”. And El Gordo would let out one of the laughs that we have not heard since he was shot two years ago while going through those same curves.

This memory came to my mind because these days, due to the concentration of the greatest Spanish patriots, the same messages always end up arriving on the networks —no matter how much blocking or silence one tries, it is impossible— that it was a march so that Spain does not become —once and for all— Venezuela. There should be no country in the world more referenced than this beautiful Caribbean place. A few years ago, almost suddenly, Spain was flooded with venezuelanologists that they had never set foot in or would set foot in the country, because, after all, for a while it was not an enviable destination. The question was, is, to repeat Venezuela, Venezuela, that something remains. There have been many times when one, who has been lucky enough to travel and make friends there, has been told about the things that were happening, that they did not realize, that they did not understand, because what happened was not what counted and saw, if not something else, the one that he had heard, possibly, from the rostrum of the Congress of Deputies or from some means with venezuelanologists professional.

The consequences go beyond the lack of respect for Venezuelans, who, for the most part, continue to suffer from a human crisis; to the millions who had to go into exile due to the authoritarian drift of their Government. The problem of venezualize the day-to-day of politics is that, when the time for diplomacy arrives, Spain has been absent. It has been possible to verify the last few weeks, when countries like Colombia, Mexico, France or Norway have given an impetus for Chavismo and the opposition to reach agreements to alleviate the crisis suffered by Venezuelans. It has even been verified that Maduro has emissaries in dialogue with the United States, the eternal great enemy. It is surprising that the current Government of Spain has not played a more active role in these talks, but it is also surprising that all those who criticize it for turning Spain into Venezuela have not, at any time, urged it to do something for that country that how much they love and how much they care.

Now that a new opportunity for dialogue is opening up and that the conditions will begin to be negotiated for a guaranteed presidential election in 2024, possibly the same year as the Spanish one, we must prepare ourselves to hear hundreds of omens again about how Spain will become that country they talk about so much and don’t know. The ghost of Castrochavismo, however, has been so efficient that, in Latin America, all those who have invoked it in recent years have lost the elections. It does not take away, of course, so that the raca raca of Venezuela continues to be repeated. That something remains

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