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    Venezuela relaunches the persecution of a former Oil Minister for a “mega fraud” in PDVSA

    Archive – Gsolinera in Carabobo, Venezuela – JUAN CARLOS HERNANDEZ / ZUMA PRESS / CONTACTOPHOTO

    The Government of Venezuela has asked the Prosecutor’s Office to issue an international arrest warrant for former Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez, accused by Chavismo of perpetrating a “mega fraud” in the state oil company PDVSA and whose delivery Caracas has been demanding for years.

    The authorities accused Ramirez, who currently resides in Italy, in December 2017 of generating losses of 4.8 million dollars in the oil company, through an alleged credit with Administradora Atlantic that would not appear in the accounting books of PDVSA.

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    The Venezuelan vice president responsible for economic issues, Tareck El Aissami, has announced that he has already delivered all the evidence to the Prosecutor’s Office of “one of the most serious corruption schemes that has ever been known in the oil industry,” reports the newspaper ‘El Universal ‘.

    “Rafael Ramirez signs the act where he accepts the alleged irregular financing,” said El Aissami, referring to a test that Chavismo considers key to finish imprisoning someone who has not hesitated to classify a “perverse and corrupt mind.”

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    The government considers the former minister “one of those directly responsible for the disaster” of the Venezuelan industry, a “traitor” to the theses that chavismo supposedly promulgates, in the words of the vice president, who has defended the campaign against corruption.

    Shortly before El Aissami appeared, Ramirez himself warned on Twitter that the Maduro Executive was preparing “another pot” against him, “another false positive.” “It will be interesting because I will explain to the whole country how the children of Cilia Flores (Maduro’s wife) embezzled PDVSA,” he warned.

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    Source: Europa Press


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