TechnologyValve envisions a future with new generations of Steam Deck

Valve envisions a future with new generations of Steam Deck

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Valve launched its first handheld game console for computer games at the beginning of the year, Steam Deckwhich it conceives as “the first of a new category” that the company hopes to keep updated in the future with improvements and new models.

Steam Deck hit the market in February after several delays due to supply problems stemming from the pandemic. This portable console allows play PC video games anywhere thanks to a custom processor developed by AMD and the RDNA 2 architecture of PS5 and Xbox Series.

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Since its launch, finding a Steam Deck has not been easy, but the company is already looking to the future on the occasion of its arrival in the Asian market, since it ensures that “it represents the first of a new category of PC gaming consoles“.

“Going forward, Valve will continue this product with improvements and iterations of ‘hardware’ and ‘software’bringing new versions of Steam Deck to the market”, states in an information brochure prepared by the company itself.

Next to the console too the operating system will evolve with which it works, SteamOS, which will introduce improvements and new features for game compatibility through Proton. The software update “will continue throughout the life of Steam Decks and in future versions of the product,” they say from Valve.

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Valve has also brought forward some user interface features like the new version of ‘Big Picture’, that allows you to play on a TV with a controller, and the Steam Deck compatibility with other systems like ChromeOS.

Source: Europa Press


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