GamingValve already has avenues for improvement for its Steam Deck 2 - L& ...

Valve already has avenues for improvement for its Steam Deck 2 – L& …

The creator of Steam et Steam Deck hybrid console builder don’t waste time. In an interview with The Verge, engineers from the firm are already outlining the life of the product, released this year, and which should have an improved version in the future. For now, it’s time for repairs, such as the stick drift problem, which was very quickly taken care of. Valve board so on a more stable version of his jewelwithout making it more powerful.

Currently, the fact is that every Steam Deck can run the same games. Our goal is for users to understand that we have an expected level of performance when they play and developers what level of quality to achieve. I think that we will keep this level of performance a little longer. We will increase it only when we have a significant gain.

Valve is based on the Nintendo model, which has released several different consoles without fundamentally shaking up its architecture since the first version Switch. If the chip will not be improved, the rest will undoubtedly be modified, such as the design, the sticks or the quality of the screen.

Despite its huge success, with hundreds of thousands of consoles shipped, and effective support (almost a hundred improvement updates), the Steam Deck isn’t perfect yet. Main problem: the battery. Depending on the use, between 2 and 8 hours of autonomy only, too little for gaming.

In any case, there are therefore many new modelsprobably closer to a “Pro” version than a Steam Deck 2. In the console book, we could already read upon delivery:

Going forward, Valve will follow up this product with improvements and iterations on hardware and software, by releasing new versions of Steam Deck. Like the original, and like all PCs, these future products will continue to provide access to the same catalog of Steam games that gamers already know and love.

In the meantime, Dieu Gabe has already filed a new trademark, Neon Premiumwithout knowing if it has to do with this project…

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