LifestyleV16 emergency light: news, advice and which are the best models

V16 emergency light: news, advice and which are the best models

V16 emergency light: news, advice and which are the best models

The V16 lights They are those that you are going to carry in your car and that will make the emergency triangles that have accompanied you for so many years disappear from your trunk.

This light provides many advantages and, of course, it is the most effective and safe signaling system of all those that have been used up to now in cars in the event of a breakdown or accident.

You will no longer have to walk on the road to place the triangles, something that will provide much more security.

It may still be a bit unknown, but in the next few years you will get used to it, that’s for sure.

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What is V16 car emergency light?

The V16 light is a beacon bright yellow or orangewhose light is intermittent and which is used to signal the place where there has been a breakdown or accident. This type send the coordinates of the accident via satellite.

The main of its characteristics is easy it is to place it and the speed with which this gesture is performedsomething essential to signal to other drivers that something has happened so that they can see it at a great distance.

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The good thing is that as a driver you won’t have to get out of the vehicle to fit the V16 if you don’t want to or at that moment you can’t for whatever reason.

How to install the V16 emergency light

The V16 emergency light is very easy to use. It is normal to keep it in the glove compartment of the car.

In the event that you need to place it, you will not even have to take off your belt, since you are going to grab from your glove box, will you roll down the window of the vehicle and the you will place on top of the caron top of sheet metal and without any fear of it falling, since they must all have a magnet to stick.

The beam of light that it emits can be seen over long distances and at an angle of 360 degrees, so it will ensure your safety and that of whoever goes with you in the car very effectively.

When is it mandatory to have it?

The approved V16 emergency light will be mandatory from January 1, 2026.

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As of March 2022 with the approval of the Royal Decree of Roadside Assistancethe V16 lights became legal substitutes for the triangles, allowing any driver to choose between both systems until the arrival of the obligation to use only the emergency light.

The beacons not connected to signal the coordinates of the breakdown or accident may continue to be used until the final date of entry into force of the V16.

All these lights must be approved and so that you do not have to search, you will see below a series of examples that you can buy right now on Amazon.

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Possibly the V16 approved light that is currently sold the most and best.

It is very easy to use, since it is extremely intuitive, in addition to the fact that it can be turned on by magnetic or manual activation. The vehicle will be visible to 1km. in low visibility conditions.

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This homologated V16 is from reduced size (70 mm), waterproof and capable of the vehicle being visible to 2 km.

Has 2 hours of autonomy and IP54 approval and allows its use in rain and winds of up to 100 km/h, thanks to its powerful high-adhesion neodymium magnets.

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Signal approved by the DGT of type V16, the lime will lead you to replace your triangles.

It has very good features like 140 lumenshigh-quality powerful LEDs, 2,000 Kelvin, radiation of 360 degree light for very high visibility and a powerful magnet up to 180 pa air pressure.




This approved V16 is resistant to water, humidity and even snow.

Equipped with 9 LEDs high intensity, powerful neodymium magnet so that it does not move and an angle of light radiation of 360 degrees.




LED lighting system with a field of 360 degree visibility and a range of more than 1 km away.

Communication service with Telefonica Techwith connectivity to the DGT 3.0 platform until 2038 at no additional cost. IP54 protection Dust and water resistant.


Shipping costs for any of these lights will be free if you have an Amazon Prime account.

You can buy a very good emergency light if you take into account everything you have been able to read.


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