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    NewsWorldUS tightens sanctions on Russia on first anniversary of invasion

    US tightens sanctions on Russia on first anniversary of invasion

    New sanctions for Russia for its conflict with Ukraine. Photo: AFP file.

    The United States announced new sanctions against Russia on the first anniversary of the invasion of Ukrainewhich will affect sectors such as banks, mining and the defense industry, and seek to reduce Moscow’s access to strategic technology such as semiconductors.

    The sanctions will affect “more than 200 individuals and entities, both Russian and from third countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, who support Russia’s war efforts,” the White House reported.

    Washington also seeks to hit Russia’s defense and high-tech sectors, in addition to implementing measures to thwart attempts to circumvent sanctions already in force.

    The new package – which is in addition to the many previous measures imposed in the last 12 months – are aimed at “a dozen Russian financial institutions, in line with allies and partners, as well as Russian officials and authorities operating illegally in Ukraine” , says a statement quoted by the AFP news agency.

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    Washington seeks to hit Russia’s defense and high-tech sectors as wellin addition to implementing measures to frustrate attempts to circumvent the sanctions already in force.

    The US Commerce Department will also impose export controls on about 90 Russian and third-country companies, including China, “for engaging in sanctions circumvention and substitution activities in support of the Russian defense sector,” the House said. White.

    Conflict continues in Ukraine Photo AFP
    Conflict in Ukraine continues. Photo: AFP.

    Companies targeted by the sanctions will be barred from “purchasing items, such as semiconductors, whether made in the United States or with certain US technologies or software abroad.”

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    The Russian metals and mining sector is also in the crosshairs of economic sanctions.

    The measures “will involve an increase in tariffs for more than 100 Russian metals, minerals and chemical products worth about $2.8 billion for Russia.

    This will also significantly increase the costs of the aluminum that was smelted” in Russia. to enter the US market, the White House specified.


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