News USA US hopes to reschedule Armenia-Azerbaijan meeting

US hopes to reschedule Armenia-Azerbaijan meeting

US hopes to reschedule Armenia-Azerbaijan meeting

The United States government has shown its willingness to reschedule the meeting between Armenia and Azerbaijan, days after the Armenian authorities revealed that the next round of contacts in Washington had been postponed without a date at the request of Baku.

The spokesman for the US State Department, Matthew Miller, has confirmed that the reasons for postponing the meeting are due “one hundred percent to scheduling problems” and has maintained that they hope to “reschedule it as soon” as possible.

“We hope to host another round of talks in Washington as the parties continue to seek a peaceful dialogue for the South Caucasus region,” the state spokesman said at a press conference.

Thus, he has reiterated that “direct dialogue is key to solving the problems” between Yerevan and Baku. “We believe that an agreement is within reach”, she has asserted herself.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have exchanged in recent months numerous accusations of violation of the 2020 ceasefire, which ended the Second Nagorno Karabagh War -after the 1994 war-. The conflict ended in victory for Azerbaijan, which recovered territories taken by Armenia in the First Nagorno Karabagh War, including the important city of Shusha.

Since then, both countries have maintained various contacts to try to sign a peace agreement, although the talks have encountered various obstacles, including the situation around the Lachin corridor, which connects Armenia with the self-proclaimed republic of Arstaj. The area has the presence of Russian soldiers deployed as peacekeepers under the aforementioned ceasefire agreement.



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