NewsWorldUS Defense Secretary Predicts When Ukraine Fighting Will End

US Defense Secretary Predicts When Ukraine Fighting Will End

When it is about to be fulfilled one year of the war in Ukrainemany are those who wonder how long it will last, but few do so with the information that it may have Lloyd Austin.

He United States Secretary of Defense is reasonably optimistic. The advance of support for the Zelenski government makes him think that there will not be a second anniversary of Putin’s attack.

In an extensive interview on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ program, Austin is confident after the latest international moves. The journalist questions him directly about whether he believes that it could already be open a negotiating table towards the end of this year.

“Courtney, I have participated enough in the fight to know that you should never predict the end of a fight, but you do have to do as much as possible to modify it enough so that there is a chance of success,” he warns before explaining his next months.

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That said, Lloyd outlines the next steps for the Biden administration in this regard and, implicitly, advances that they will continue to send war material. «Let’s give the Ukrainians everything they need for them to succeed, and for, hopefully, the dynamics on the battlefield to change.”

US training Ukrainian troops

The Secretary of Defense admits that the variability of the war means that they have to think more in the short term, but his forecasts are reasonably optimistic. And it is, above all, for how the Ukrainian soldiers themselves are fighting… Thanks for your help. The American formation has been key from the beginning and it will be in the future.

“They fight very well from the beginning and they did it that way because we have spent a lot of time training them, training their soldiers and officers since 2014. We saw how some of their non-commissioned officers were, their initiatives, and how they did things to attack the Russians”, he relates in this regard. Now they will go a step further and you can force diplomacy into action.

“The training that we are giving them now on the platforms, the tactical training of maneuvers and combined arms, I think that can produce some kind of diplomatic result», he promises.

Although in the interview he makes it clear that, because of them, they would not be involved in this fight, Lloyd assures that these diplomatic advances can suppose the end of armed combat. As soon as diplomacy enters, the work of the soldiers will go into the background.


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