NewsWorldUltranationalist demonstration in Serbia: "Kosovo is not debated"

Ultranationalist demonstration in Serbia: “Kosovo is not debated”

Ultranationalist demonstration in Belgrade against the “betrayal” of its president, Alexander Vucic. Hundreds of ultra-rightists gathered in the Serbian capital to show themselves totally against their government’s intentions to accept the plan proposed by the European Union to normalize relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

Carrying Serbian flagsand also Russian, the demonstrators not only demanded resignations, but in some cases went so far as to threaten to kill the president. In front of them, the police officers deployed trying to prevent the situation from escalating.

Among the organizers of this mobilization was the ultranationalist Damnjan Knezevic, leader of Narodna Patrola, People’s Patrol, which maintains ties to the notorious Russian mercenary group Wagner, rejects an independent Kosovo and supports the invasion of Ukraine. Knezevic did not hesitate to publicly ask for help for Russia.

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“Should we let Kosovo into the UN?” Knezevic asked. What kind of generation would suffer and survive that? Are they afraid of riots? Well, I swear to you that we are prepared for much more than riots.”

Russia, a friendly country

Among the protesters, very similar opinions, with constant references to Russia as a friendly country: “If this government has brought us here, maybe it’s time to change it”, said a woman. “I am for Russia as a family. My family is attached to Russia.”

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“He (Vucic) did not buy Kosovo, nor did he get it, nor is it his, nor did his father give it to him, so he can sign what he has to sign,” another citizen complained.

After the demonstration, President Vucic himself assured that the situation is under control, making it clear that the government will not allow “thugs and extremists, with the help of the West or the East, to threaten the constitutional order.”

It should be remembered that currently Serbia aspires to join the European Union, which explains Vucic’s diplomatic and dialogue stance against the plans of Brussels and Washington with respect to Belgrade and Pristina. However, the president has already made it equally clear that under no circumstances will Serbia recognize the independence of its former province.

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Source: Euronews Español


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