NewsWorldUkraine's controversial shopping list for its allies: from cluster munitions to match weapons

Ukraine’s controversial shopping list for its allies: from cluster munitions to match weapons

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg insisted in Munich that “the Alliance is not a party to the conflict, we only support Ukraine”, but that support has increased exponentially since the start of the Russian invasion, not only in quantity but also especially in quality. If during the first months of the war the Western Allies provided Kiev with only light anti-tank weapons and helmets, artillery was soon added, and as Russian attacks with drones and missiles against civilian targets grew, anti-aircraft defense began to arrive, including and to the advanced SAMP-T and Ptriot missile systems. Standard Related News No Zelenski requests combat aircraft at the Munich Security Conference to fight “Goliath” Rosalia Sanchez “I need to accelerate the speed of compliance with our agreements, the speed of decisions to limit Russian potential,” the president has stated Ukrainian before representatives of 150 governments The decision to deliver modern tanks such as the German Leopard 2, already decided and which in Munich is being the subject of “organizational and coordination talks for transport”, according to Stoltenberg, has crossed what in several European countries it was considered a “red line”. And in the corridors of the Bayerischer Hof it is clear that she will not be the last to come across. President Zelensky already mentioned yesterday, in his inaugural speech, the request for combat aircraft. And Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olexander Kubrakow has this morning made calls for some rather controversial weaponry, such as cluster munitions and match firearms. He argues that “like Russia, Ukraine must also use this type of weaponry.” He understands the “difficulties” due to “conventions”, but insists that this type of ammunition can help resist attackers. Cluster munitions are rockets and bombs that explode in the air above the target, releasing many small explosive devices. Phosphorus ammunition can cause severe burns and poisoning in humans. Their use is prohibited by several international laws and the fact that Ukraine simply mentions them makes a large part of the attendees at the Munich Security Conference extremely uncomfortable. An old fox of German diplomacy points out that Ukraine is asking above its true expectations in the hope of getting what it really requires as consolation: fighter jets. Poland’s role Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has made it clear that his country would be ready to join others in supplying fighter jets to Ukraine. However, he mentions a “NATO decision” as a prerequisite for such a step. It is unlikely that US Vice President Kamala Harris or British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will respond to these drastic demands in their highly anticipated speeches this afternoon. “Zelenski suggested yesterday that, if we do everything possible to counter Russian aggression, the end of the war could be achieved this year,” analyzes the same diplomatic source, “and naturally that would be a dream for Western governments, especially European ones. , but he added that only if Ukraine receives the weapons it needs, in reference to the planes2, that is his argument». Just as a coalition for the supply of combat tanks is already being formed and the taboo on long-range artillery shells has been lifted, opinions on fighter-bombers are beginning to soften in Munich, although no one considers it possible to address those deliveries formally until spring. “The world has already heard the need for global security and to create an aircraft coalition for Ukraine and we can be confident that the aircraft problem will be resolved,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba was quoted as saying by the media. Ukrainians in Munich, “it will take a little longer, but it will be resolved.” However, the version is circulating that the coalition formed for the delivery of the Leopards will not be repeated because it is proving to be ineffective. “The discussion on planes will be structured differently than with tanks, but that work has already started,” Kuleba said. And the weighty arguments for ending up putting all the necessary weapons on the table have been repeated by the American Vice President, Kamala Harris, upon her arrival in Munich. “Russia is committing crimes against humanity in the war in Ukraine,” she has said, and she has called for “justice to be done.”

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