NewsWorldUkraine | Volunteers clear land scorched by Russia

Ukraine | Volunteers clear land scorched by Russia

Located in the region of buchain it north of kyivthe town of Horenka was one of the hardest hit in the area in the first weeks of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

There, more than a thousand buildings were destroyed, including many private homes. In the area where Tetiana’s house and her family were, a group of young people volunteers has come to his aid to remove the rubble.

Olena Liashenko is the coordinator of ‘Brave to Rebuild’ and participates in the volunteer work. Highlights: “Unfortunately, the owners of these houses do not have the possibility or the money to clear the land. When they lose their house, they lose everything. That is why we work here as volunteers to help them rebuild at least something. It takes a lot of time and manpower , but there is no other option to clear the ground.”

The property of Tetiana was reduced to debris after a bomb fell in the yard. The efforts of the volunteers have given her hope back…

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“I was rescued from this ruined world. Right now we are clearing the ground so that in the future we can rebuild something”says Tetiana. _”_I love this place and won’t go anywhere else. I want to stay here”, Add.

Volunteers have agreed to help until the ground is completely cleared. Roman is a 20-year-old math student. Like everyone present, he spends his spare time rebuilding his country.

“It’s been almost a year since the war started and there is still a lot of rubble that needs to be removed and raised again. It could be me. I live 5 km from here, this could be my house. So if I don’t help the people who live here, who will do it?” remember Roman.

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